Best tasting apples


Vincent, are at least a year ahead of me with Cosmic Crisp. Mine had flower buds this year but I took them off. Thus was it’s first year of growth. Maybe next year :grinning:


My Redlove Era is two years old. I let it make four apples this year. Very nice flavor, but a little tart. Calypso had several apples - this is its first year. I think those were too tart for my taste.


The first apple i pick on August was a bit tart too… good but tart and sweet, but the ones i pick on end of September got very sweet and just the usual apple acidity.


Luisport, those are very pretty apples.


Yes, very pretty and a decent size… :blush:


Cosmic Crisp Apple will have fruits easily not even has pollinators near by. Big Apple with no diseases we like them a lot specially how is the tasting. Hopefully have room for 2nd tree. Good luck on your trees Daniel.


Thanks for the photos. Those sundowner look a lot farther along than mine. I’m letting them hang some more. I can’t wait to try them.

I’ve got some new grafts of Lady Williams, pink lady, and granny Smith on another tree. Some showing fruit buds for next spring. Those should be late hangers too. That will probably be my fireblight tree! Do you have LW or GS?


Only one Arkansas Black and it was slightly over ripe. Very good without being hard. Sweet without tart.


Beautiful color!


I know you like E. Spitzenberg. When does it ripen for you, please?

My one and only Spitz is still hanging on a tree.


I don’t have either of those trees. Hope they do well for you.


A couple weeks before Gold Rush generally, although this year sooner than that. Normally it would be ripe now, but I picked it about 10 days ago. However I’m not certain about perfect harvest time for better storage. When I pick them at peak flavor off the tree they mush out in less than 2 months. Given their rep as being good storage apples that come to best quality at the time I find them to be mush, I’d say I have a bit to learn about this apple.

I’m getting my fruit from grafts and don’t have the volume I want yet. I mange a couple mature trees that I’m around when they ripen, but I’m not doing the harvesting so am not able to really see the results of long term storage and earlier harvest.


Picked ours (here in the Finger Lakes of New York) just a couple of days ago. Will wait until December to enjoy.


I had excellent results with a russeted Baldwin this year. One of my favorite apples, I now am preferring the russet version. I think GRIN calls it Loop russeted baldwin.


Maybe you can trade me for some wood. Russets are stinkbug magnets for some reason but they don’t need summer sprays to keep off sooty blotch and fly speck. Is it higher brix than normal Baldwin? Seems to sometime be the case with russet sports.


I ate the season’s first fully ripe Goldrush yesterday confirming my opinion of it being a top 10 variety and maybe even the best overall apple I grow when factoring its reliable cropping, precocity, long term storage capacity and the great natural form of the tree- it almost prunes itself. It belongs in every orchard with a long enough season to ripen it, which is not always the case here in southern NY. One in 4 years here it is a mediocre apple- but the climate is warming. We are having a string of 70 degree days and my tomatoes and beans are still ripening crop. At this rate, Granny Smith will be amazing by mid-Nov.


I like the taste of Baldwins regardless but these seemed to have little difference in taste or season. These have a very heavy russet and are not a pretty apple. Got them for the Baldwin name. Tree is young but I will find some wood for you.


Make sure to remind me early next year, I forget stuff.


Lucky you. I checked my Gold Rush today. None look closer to ripen. At least, they are pale green now. Not sure if they will ever get to mellow yellow. Forgot about the “gold” color. It won’t happen here.

My Fuji is also late ripening. Seeds are only medium brown and sugar is not there yet.


You and me both, bro!