Best tasting mini kiwis

There are other kiwi posts. I have not seen any devoted to best tasting. It kind of important when selecting a cultivar to know what others think. In grocery stores I have seen 2 types, one was fatter and more squared, and I thought sweeter. Most people sell Isaai. But there are listed red varieties and others.

My region is zone 8b, so I would like to discuss what works here. But I want all regions to be able to discuss here, not just for me.


I’ve only tasted Anna so can’t help on best taste but here are some cultivars :
Ananasnaya (Anna)
Chang Bai Giant
Changbai Mountain
Hardy Red
Ken’s Red
Rossana Italian
Natasha ™ Russian
Ogden Point
Red Princes
Tatyana™ Russian
Dumbarton Oaks
Bower Vine
Dessert Kiwi
Cocktail Kiwi
Tara Vine
Yang Tao
Prolific Hardy
MSU Hardy

There are also yellows and named males.
List of yellows here:

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