Black beauty mulberry

I have a Black Beauty mulberry in ground that I’ve had for 2 years. The tree is from Dave Wilson Nursery. This year I saw very few very small mulberries that don’t seem ripen fully. I’m reconsidering the tree entirely as I had hoped it would be a smaller Persian Mulberry. Does anyone have any experience with this variety? If so, has your fruit gotten bigger over time like a Persian mulberry? The leaves and tree are quite pretty but I’m in it for the fruit.

Should I pull it and get a female Persian Mulberry? I see them in my area.


I dont know about black beauty but my IE mulberry just grew the first year, had/aborted a half dozen or so berries the second and now on the third has put out 100+berries so i would wait at least 1 more year before condeming it

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Most all cultivars of mulberry have fruit that is smaller when the plant is young, but increase in size as the plant matures.


I have this one too and if the tree will grow in your area it is definitely one to keep. It is reported to be one of the most delicious varieties if you are lucky enough to be in its growing zone. It is reported that in my zone they do not do good but this is my 3rd year and it is waking up and looking good. The berries are more like a small blackberries in looks and they are super delicious and they taste different than any others that I have tasted.

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I have it. My tastiest mulberry. Same size as Persian.

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I guess that would be another one that I’m going to have to get . Thanks for the info!

I had one from Trees of Antiquity. It got terribly abused last year and I thought it might die, but it came back and every scion I cut from it this year has taken on seedling mulberry rootstock. I am excited :grinning:

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