Black Ben Davis/Gano

Anyone here currently growing this variety? How’s the taste? Similar to Ben Davis or better?

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Anyone? Someone here has fruited Black Ben Davis. I had my first Ben Davis last year and it was nothing to write home about but it definitely wasn’t bad.

Maybe it’s in here: (?)

The origins of Gano are murky, and many people believed it to be a more red sport of Ben Davis. I’ve read the taste is indistinguishable, but I have never tasted either. I wish I could be more help there.

You may be better off reading historical accounts of historical apples. Ben Davis was never famous for taste but rather looks and ease of shipping. People shopped with their eyes as much in 1900 as in 2000. Plus, without widespread refrigerated storage, apples shipping to market (especially foreign market) needed to be tough to make the journey.

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I have a Black Ben Davis, grows well. Had its first few apples last year none of which I was able to ssmple. Grey squirrels aren’t quite as picky about ripeness as I am.:sweat_smile:

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I should have known you grew it as it’s from Arkansas :slight_smile: Have you fruited Arkansas Beauty yet?

I had been interested in growing the Gano apple but just like the others here I have not know anyone that has actually grown AND tasted the differences, if any.

Arkansas Beauty had just a few last year with the same problem. My farm is about 75 miles from my home. We have a plan to move there in the next couple of years.