Black Velvet Aprium

Costco is carrying the Black Velvet Aprium. They are very tasty, if you want to taste them. I will save ten seeds in the frig and will plant them next Spring.



Sam’s has had them…they go wrinkly fast but are very good…i’m saving seeds too…use them for rootstock i think and maybe let a few grow out and see what happens…have NO IDEA what is cross pollinating these things (themselves?) so unsure of what will come of it… Good fruit.

I had some a few years ago and they seemed almost identical to Spring Satin. I was somewhat surprised when I learned it was a different variety.

Any luck planting the seeds?
I’m eating Ruby Velvet aprium now. They were packed July 29 and it’s now August 13 so they store well and should be good for a few more days. They are sweet with a tart plum skin. I’ll save a few seed and plant them.

By now, I have two BV seedlings they grow well. Thanks to Tony.


Good luck on those BV seedlings. Btw, my wife bought for me 3 lbs of these Black plums / Prune Noire from a new grocery store called Fresh Thyme. They are lot tastier and sweeter than Black Velvet with a tiny cling stone seeds. I may grow a few seedlings of these guys.


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this is my black apricot tree leaves are plum, the fruit skin is apricot and beef is plum , has a delicious flavor


Tony, I wished you were my neighbor :smile:

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Is that a seedling of Black Velvet or another plum x apricot variety?

The patent states that it needs a either an apricot or a plum as pollinator.

If the seedlings have a plum-like foliage, it means that they were pollinated by a plum, and if they show an apricot-like foliage, they got pollinated by an apricot.

I germinated a couple of seeds about eight years ago, but the seedlings died.

Black Velvet is a 50/50 hybrid between Angeleno plum, seed parent, x Unknown apricot, pollen parent.

know the name of the parents of this variety, perhaps parents are unknown, this variety is sold in France and Germany under the name aprisali.

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Or these:

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I bought Purple Rose Apriums today.


I wish that American Nurseries would sell the Ice Peach in the States.

I have an Idea!

Everyone should Contact Raintree Nursery and tell the owner that we are interested in the Ice Peach and they should sell it in the near future.