Pluots and other hybrids list. Rankings and myth busters

A lot of us get passionate about growing this modern fruits, pluots, pluerries, apriums, peachcotums, apriums, and other funky names that can be a bit overwelming.
Are there other interspecific fruits out there?

But what are the best ones? Share your rankings.
What are their growing zones and what are the best polinators?

There are interesting and European varieties but are they worth it compared with regular cultivars?

Lets make a list of all of them, american and europeans and try to organize them…(help me out.).

PLUOTS 70%-30% Plum-Apricot
Amigo 1_____________700 chill hrs
Amigo 2_____________800 chill hrs
Black kat_____________1000 chill hrs
Black Satin
Biricoccolo gigante di budrio
Biricoccolo bolognese
Biricoccolo vesuviano
Candy stripe_____________800 chill hrs
Coparose_____________600 chill hrs
Cerny barchat
Cot n candy
Crimson heart_____________700 chill hrs
Crimson rose _____________800 chill hrs
Crimson royale _____________800 chill hrs
Cierna marhula
Dapple dandy_____________500 chill hrs
Dapple fire _____________700 chill hrs
Dapple jack _____________600 chill hrs
Dapple supreme _____________300 chill hrs
Dinosaur Brand
Early Dapple _____________700 chill hrs
Ebony Rose_____________600 chill hrs
Emerald gem_____________700 chill hrs
Emerald drop
Fall fiesta _____________800 chill hrs
Festival red_____________600 chill hrs
Flavor Ann
Flavor Blast_____________700 chill hrs
Flavor Candy
Flavor Delight
Flavor Fall
Flavor Finale
Flavor fusion _____________650 chill hrs
Flavor Gem
Flavor Grenade_____________650 chill hrs
Flavor Heart_____________800 chill hrs
Flavor Jewel_____________850 chill hrs
Flavor King_____________500 chill hrs
Flavor Prince
Flavor Penguin
Flavor Queen_____________400 chill hrs
Flavor Rich
Flavor Royal _____________500 chill hrs
Flavor Rouge _____________500 chill hrs
Flavor Supreme_____________700 chill hrs
Flavorfall _____________800 chill hrs
Flavorite _____________700 chill hrs
Flavorosa____________500 chill hrs Zone 6-10
Flavorich____________800 chill hrs
Flavorela _____________600 chill hrs
Gypsee _____________900 chill hrs
Honey Rich
Honey punch _____________800 chill hrs
King kong
Leah Cot
Marcia Flavor
Mesch mesch amra
Purple candy
Pink candy
Plum parfait
Queen Elizabeth
Raspberry Jewel
Red Ray
Ruby cat _____________800 chill hrs
Spring flavor _____________500 chill hrs
Summer Delight
Sunset delight _____________800 chill hrs
Tasty Rich

PLUMCOT - 50%-50% Plum-Apricot
Emerald Beauty
Flavor Delight
Geo pride
Spring Satin_____________Zone 6 300 chill hrs

Candy heart
Fruit Punch
Flavor Punch
Purple Sprite
Sweet heart
Sweet treat
Sugar twist
White sprite
Brave Heart

Autumn sprite_____________800 chill hrs
Black velvet
Black Pirate
Bella Jewell
Bella Zee
Bella Sweet
Betty Cot_____________750 chill hrs
Cot n candy
Coral Cot_____________600 chill hrs
Countrycot _____________350 chill hrs
Escort _____________800 chill hrs
Flavor delight
Hermosa_____________800 chill hrs
Honey Rich_____________400 chill hrs
Huntington_____________750 chill hrs
Kylese-Cot_____________450 chill hrs
Late Brittney_____________900 chill hrs
Leah Cot_____________800 chill hrs
Macy Cot_____________150 chill hrs
Purple Rose
Ruby Velvet
Tasty Rich_____________700 chill hrs
Trinidad_____________300 chill hrs
Summer delight
Wescot_____________650 chill hrs
Weston_____________900 chill hrs



Spice zee_____________300 chill hrs Zone 6

Dapple Fire

Bella Royale
Bella Gold____________500 chill hrs Zone 5-9



Help me add the ones that are missing on the list
Share your thoughts what is the top 10 of the ones you tried?

Are interspecific hybrids a big marketing plan or are they the real deal?


Here are the ones that i have already producing fruits and my rankings,

1-Cot n candy_____ APRIUM
2-Dapple dandy___ PLUOT
3-Sugar twist _____PLUERRY
4-Sweet treat _____PLUERRY
5-Candy heart ____PLUERRY
6-Sweet heart ____PLUERRY
7-Purple candy____PLUOT
8-Pink candy______PLUOT

My cot n candy becomes full red so im not sure if thats the original one or is there a problem with ID. Any feedback on your experience with it and how does it looks like?

2022 was my 3rd season producing this fruits so i dont have big reference and production has been super low, i wonder if its related with polination problems or lack of chill hours.
(based on that my list above will possibly change)

At my place its cherry region so i guess it must be around 700 hours.


Supreme is truly Supreme. King is a close second. I have lots of plums, pluots, apriums. Last year I grafted a lot more Supremes. It’s early, but a little shy bearing. That’s why it’s good to have a lot of pollinators nearby.


I had 2 trees, 1 died and the other one gets full of ants and aphids, i think the sap its also supreme…hehehe

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Some you did not list is flavor delight aprium, summer delight aprium, spice zee nectaplum and Fruit Punch pluerry. I can’t comment on taste. I do know I like pluots better than regular plums and I used to buy pluerry all the time from stores when they sold them. I just cannot describe variety the best as I have not tried based on cultivar. The challenge I have found with many of these for me are they are not hardy to zone 5. If you push zones a decent amount are hardy to zone 6 though.

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How many chill hours do you have? Do you know?

The answer is climate dependent, and of course taste dependent. In the former category there are cultivars of hybrids that work well here (Vista CA) but not in Baltimore MD and vis a vis. There are also consumers who find all peaches too sour for their tastes and those who prefer plums with a sour skin. Further, for each of the fruits you have listed there is at least one thread on this site discussing it. I recommend you check them out!


The best to my taste are Flavor Supreme and Flavor King.

Cot n candy for me was a soft yellow fruit similar to a white apricot. It was inferior to all of my top apricots: Tomcot, Robada, Orangered and several others.
Dapple Dandy is good but not great. Produces well. I won’t grow again.
Emerald Drop second tier but worth growing.
Flavor Grenade is very good if grown right.
Geo Pride is top notch but below FS and FK.
Nadia small and medium quality. Won’t grow again
Splash mid range plum like
Flavorella very fragrant and unique but tends to be sour. Very good if sweet enough. Drops badly
Flavor Delight inferior to top apricots
Summer delight I’m very excited about. Very late apricot.
Spice Zee middling nectarine. Honey series is better.


I am not sure the amount of chill hours we have. I am sure it is heavily mixed though. Some years September is very warm other years while not freezing in September it can routinely get under 45. October I am sure we routinely get below 45 on a regular basis with no freeze until late October or November and once it freezes cool temps will continue until mid May. The thing on where I live is we have cold winters which can be hard but we have blazing summers which leads to wonderful fruit production and my trees have never been diseased by fungus here. I have had to deal with aphids, late frosts zapping fruit and animals but not fungus yet. I always look for fruit that claims CO when I am looking for things like peaches. Sadly no cherries and a lot of other fruit from here but our peaches are often from here.


I have the Sultry Sunset (One Green World). Hope it will fruit this year. It is not hardy here so I have in in an underground greenhouse. Supposed to be early and self fertile.

I have a hard time telling the difference with the greens but it looks like I have 1200 to 1600. Surprisingly it looks like the people on the other side of CO and Nevada have more than me. I guess we likely dip too far below too often to get those extra chill hours.

You get all you need, 1200-1400. Western CO gets more just for the reason you suggest. You spend too much time below freezing. Notice that North Dakota gets way less than WA state. ND has many days below freezing all day. WA state esp western WA has many days where it’s 30s and 40s all day long.


Here in Portland, right on the 3400 chill-hour line, there are commonly entire weeks Nov-Jan where the 24/7 temperature stays in the chill zone. Kind of like Goldilocks, if you like your porridge on the cold side.

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Yes. Cold, dark, and wet…:roll_eyes:

Its more or less same latitude as i am in Portugal, but climate sounds tottaly different.
What Zone are you at?

Most of the lowlands from Portland to Seattle are USDA zone 8a/8b, and Köppen climate zone Csb (warm-summer Mediterranean). So that would match roughly the climate of some of the higher elevation areas in the north of Portugal.

So it matches after all
Can you grow avocados at your area,?What about olives? Are you in a cherry region?

I have create a new thread to talk about fruits and climates
We are going a bit off topic here but this discussion its of high value
Join climate discussion here

Sorry to go a little off topic here, but does this look like Flavor King? I got my scion from a CRFG exchange and am not certain it’s true.

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