Flavor king

Flavor king is finishing up it’s season and elephant heart is just starting. It is getting cold here so elephant heart might not make it in my climate zone 6B with a somewhat short growing season. I have to admit that I always thought elephant heart was my favorite plum but flavor king (I know not a pure plum) is better in every way. Don’t get me wrong elephant heart is a great plum but flavor king is better if you can call it a plum.
To me Elephant Heart tastes a lot like a satsuma plum but it is a lot bigger. I love eating them but what is the point when you have Flavor King?
Flavor king taste a lot like Santa Rosa but has more flavor intensity, is sweater, comes off of the pit easier and is a lot bigger compared to Santa Rosa. I have been eating 3-5 a day and don’t even care that the wife and kids haven’t figured out how good they are. They have as much flavor intensity as a musk melon but it is that good plum flavor, I also taste other notes like strawberry and Swedish Fish?

The Elephant Heart tree tends to grow straight up making narrow and weak crotch angles that break easily in the wind while Flavor king doesn’t seem to have this problem. The only bad thing about Flavor king is that the birds and paper wasps have eaten about half of what my tree made this year while they haven’t touched the Elephant Heart, I think this is telling.
Flavor King

Elephant Heart


I have grown Flavor King for a while now and it is a good pluot. I also like the Dapple pluots as they produce well, are good size and have a great taste at least here they do. Overall I like the pluots better, but not all are good. I have been finding newer pluots are not that good. Maybe after a few years producing they will get better. I didn’t like Flavor King at first too.
I recently harvested Fall Fiesta and found them rather bland,. But it is the first time crop ever.