Sugar Twist Pluerry

Are you going to plant a Sugar Twist Pluerry next year?

I will be planting two.

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I’m thinking about it. It’s tempting because it ripens so early.

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I decided I’m not wasting time or money on anything not proven worthy. So if reports come back it’s the best thing since sliced bread, well I’ll consider it. Zaiger has been producing too many mediocre fruits for me just to jump in. I learned that from Nadia, I should have waited to purchase one, even if it turns out to be a great fruit, I don’t have the time or money to waste to find out. I should have waited to purchase a tree.


I’ll probably get one, I have the other two pluerries and I don’t mind being a guinea pig :grin:

Well I never know if you guys don’t try it, so thanks! If room was not a problem i would but I’m getting older, and I have no room. I only want to add proven winners.


I am following threads of these new hybrid like pluerry, pluots, etc. I have to say cold-hardiness is my most concern. Even if they say hardy to zone 6. I have my doubt.

I’ll wait until someone can really prove to me that growing them outdoors, unprotected in our zone would not cause their demises. It is almost like non-astringetn persimmons. Some sites say they are hardy to zone 6. They should have said that "in mild zone 6 winters :grin:

The other issue I am concerned with is how rot and crack resistant they are. Per Scott Smith, all pluots seem to have a serious rot issue where he is. We only a bit north of him. Maybe, with a lot of spray, it’d work but that’s not for me.

As someone with limited space to plant, I’m a bit choosey.

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So far my Nadia seems to be doing well with the cold, though no flowers this year. But you’re probably right to be cautious. I have enough experimental plants that I should see through before investing (financially & emotionally) in more.

I planted a Sweet Treat and Candy Heart this year, but I think I agree with the above, I’m going to focus on more established stuff and “forgotten” varieties of stone fruit. Old Luther Burbank plums or maybe Howard’s Miracle.

My Candy Heart was cancelled on me and i doubt i order one next year. Same with this thing. I’ll let Fruitnut grow it/rate it…then go from there. I need to weed out the bad stuff before i get new stuff.

Where should we order from?

Bay Laurel,, and Sanhedrin Nursery.

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Thanks , maybe it’s not ready to order until September this year.

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I don’t expect to order one. I reacted negatively to the name right off the bat. It left me with the impression of cloying sweetness lacking any intricacy or interplay of flavors. I react the same way to the name Bubblegum.

There are so many productive fruit cultivars already acknowledged to be exceptionally good tasting I have not had the opportunity to experience as perfectly tree ripened fresh fruit. I’d rather put my space and effort into establishing those that are more likely to keep me eager for their harvests.

Plus I’m leery of anything DWN markets to backyard growers and not commercial orchards nowadays.

So, I’m most likely to wait to see if multiple other people report successful harvests of noteworthy fruit within an acceptable number of seasons for their areas. In the meantime, I’ve got some proven favorites that I’m nurturing as I look forward to their fruiting years mixed in with my producing common varieties.


Take not too long to wait for some us do first and report all experience about the tree for every one.

Thanks Vince that would be great!

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but you’ll be another year behind, I’m starting to be of the mind, plant now, worry later.

Just look at @scottfsmith everyone of his yearly reports he’s yanking out more and more trees, my only gripe is I don’t live closer during shovel-pruning season. :sunglasses:

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I’m more interested in the Nadia than another super sweet product from DWN. Thus far, it seems to me that their new hybrids are just more and more sweet. And I don’t think anything has topped Flavor King yet. But I’m definitely willing to be wrong.

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Looking more sugary, harvesting 1 month earlier and sweater than sweat treat? It’s nice to have frest fruit for all summer.

You can Oder Sugar twist from Raintree now. $29.95.

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I ordered three Sugar Twist Pluerries from Raintree Nursery today.

If you order $75 or more, before shipping and taxes, use coupon code C10 at the comment box for a $10 off discount.