Candy Heart Pluerry


Great News, Everyone!
Sanhedrin Nursery and Raintree Nursery are already accepting orders for Candy Heart Pluerry.

Who will be planting them this year?


I had a coupon for Raintree, I’m in for one, also picked up a Flavor Supreme and a Methley to fill out my order.


I’m going to let the others lead the way. My Sweet Treat pluerry is getting the axe later this week - it is the worst black knot tree in my orchard and every fruit rotted in spite of two MFF sprays. The fruits I harvested last year were also not that interesting. I am hoping Nadia is a different beast.

This is all for eastern hot-n-humid conditions, my problems should not be an issue in California.


I’m going to pick one up this bare root season


I’m tempted…but i think i’ll let others try it first.


Anybody know if any online sources still have Candy Heart available? I’ve decided to shovel prune my Bella Gold Peacotum - 4 years and no fruit, done waiting. So, looking to fill the hole withh something more interesting or something tat produces reliably. Or, if anyone knows where I can get Royal Tioga cherry? That was supposed to have been released to retail this season by DWN, but they must have changed their minds at the last minute :frowning:

Patty S.


It’s out of stock.

Did your Bella Gold Peacotum produced any flowers this year?

Mine did. It looks like that they are finally going to produce their first, and big crop, this year. Peacotum number one got pollinated with Goldkist apricot; peacotum number two with F1 Moorpark apricot.


I’ll be interested on your thoughts. I have one too that should flower and hopefully set fruit.


weatherman, out of stock everywhere?? And no, no flowers again. I’ve had a few flowers, but no fruit ever. I have plenty of cross pollinator options within about 30’ of this tree.

Patty S.


I fruited Bella Gold three yrs. That’s if you can call a really lousy set fruiting. The fruit was mediocre. Orangered matures at the same time and is light yrs better.


What was the average brix in Bella Gold?


Yup, it’s out of stock.


About 15 if I recall correctly.


Well, luckily, I have located a Candy Heart here, locally, so my Bella Gold is getting the boot, tomorrow. And my Nadia should be arriving shortly, as well. So, hopefully, one of these two cherry/plum crosses will provide some good fruit. I have Sweet Treat, and the fruit is pretty good. Not stellar, but not worth shovel pruning. Yet :slight_smile:

Patty S.


Give your Bella Gold a second chance. Replant it in a pot.


I would, Ulises, but water is at such a premium here, and I have so many trees in the ground as it is, that every plant has to earn its spot in my garden. This tree has consistently earns a D- for the last 4 years, so out it goes. And let me tell you, I’m a big softie, so this was a very hard decision. I need to be more like Fruitnut, lol!!

Patty S.


cut it up and dry, and use it smoke some thing (cheese, fish, meat, etc)


Patty you are not the first person to rag on Bella Gold. I’ve read in numerous sources that it does not deliver on fruit set or flavor. I had it on my want list a while back for the novelty but was steered away.


Bella Gold is a beautiful piece of fruit. That and it’s multiple ancestors is all it had going for it IME.

DWN sold us a witch dressed up to look like a beauty queen. Makes me mad every time I see Tom Spellman bragging about the 150,000 amazing seedlings Zaiger has in their test blocks. Yet this is all he can pick out to sell us???


I can’t get Bella Gold to set either. I’ve had it for 3 or 4 years, whenever it first came out and I haven’t had a single fruit yet. It has a big beautiful bloom and is planted right between Bleinhiem and Flavor Grenade. Even with hand pollinating still no luck. On mine the entire blossoms fall off. If I don’t get any fruit this year I may dig it up as well.