Sweet Treat Pluerry

I just want to share some pictures of my sweet treat pluerry:



Wow. That thing is loaded. Do you thin them?

Looks like a good sized tree already and definitely loaded…

Fantastic! Wish I could grow such.

No. I don’t thin them, the wind does it for me, sometimes, the winds remove up to 70% of the crop from my fruit trees. In some areas of the High Desert, the winds may even thin up to 99% of the crop.

It better hurry up before that branch breaks off!

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I wanted to chime in for any deep South growers. I live in Zone 9a about 4 miles north of Lake Pontchartrain just north of New Orleans.

This is the 4th summer for my tree, which almost died last year. I had to prune it to about 4 feet because of dieback. It recovered and had a modest bloom and small fruit set…about 24 fruit. As of today the fruit has all turned a greenish yellow. Exciting. They are all ping pong ball or smaller sized. See video.

I have a Weeping Santa Rosa Plum next to it…which I love…first year for it to hold any fruit, though only a dozen or so…

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