Cherrykose hybrid

Has anyone tried the cherrykose, a Myrobalan plum x apricot hybrid?

Haven’t tried but friend who has it spoke very highly of it, I think it’s German origin. The same as Pflaumikose.

Its starting to flower now and flowers are pink

What was your source for this specimen? If they have a website, please provide a link.

Bought in Europe

The top two nurseries which show up in search results for this cultivar both say that it’s a cherryplum crossed with apricot, but then list it as P. salicina x P. armeniaca which would be Japanese plum crossed with apricot. Some nurseries are also claiming it to be P. armeniaca x P. besseyi. Annoying discrepancies.


What is the Portuguese name for this Cherry x Apricot? Maybe @Luisport can tell us? I’d like to search the archived pages of Paraiso Plants.

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I dont know… cherrycot?

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As itheweatherman stated:

cherrykose, a Myrobalan plum x apricot hybrid

From this we expect to see

P. cerasifera x P. armeniaca

In 2002, P. Lambert et al presented a paper (published in 2004) stating:

The rootstock mapping population (P. ×dasycarpa) was produced from an interspecific cross between Myrobalan plum (P. cerasifera Ehrh.) P2980 and apricot (P. armeniaca L.) A3923. ‘A3923’ is a hybrid between ‘Screara’ (A804) and the clone ‘A669’ of ‘Stark Early Orange’. This population of 106 hybrids segregates for resistance to Meloidogyne nematodes and sharka, graft compatibility, rooting ability and waterlogging tolerance.

The genetic marker lab tests used in the paper are now known to be faulty, but the cross is apparently a desirable rootstock. Here is the paper:

Lambert et al 2004 - Comparative Mapping of Prunus armeniaca, Prunus cerasifera x Prunus armeniaca and Prunus Reference Map.pdf (48.6 KB)