Dapple Supreme or Flavor Supreme?

What variety is this? I scored it for a princely sum of $0.69/lb. The fruit was soft to touch but it was crunchy on the inside with a red interior. It was very sweet and had a spicy afternote, hardly any acid though. It is a clingstone.

Probably Dapple Supreme. FS has an acid kick at pit and in skin. FS is sweeter and recently rated near best fruit ever by my relatives.

DS is flatter compared to FS nearly round. The pic looks flat.

It might be neither. The commercial growers have access to many more varieties than we do.

Thanks FN!

Can I assume that the names of such varieties are kept secret ?

Many are listed on DWN website. But many more are from other breeders or ones never released generally by DWN. There are hundreds of pluots floating around CA. I’m sure the big growers are testing them by the dozens looking for an edge or just what works best for their microclimate. They also would like varieties that look similar so they can market the “same thing” all summer.

Thanks for the clear explanation!

Here is a big grower’s list of pluots, many of which are their proprietary varieties:

Kingsburg Orchard pluots

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Hi eboone,

Thanks for that list. The pluot was a “dino101” brand so was grown by this very grower!

Yes, DWN has first crack at the Zaiger collection. Then the several other commercial growers. It is important to realize most commercial varieties are often not especially suited to home owners; generally because all fruit “ripens” (in the sense commercial growers use the word) at once. Equally a lot of enthusiast growers’ available cultivars are not good for commercial growers: prolonged ripening, not red, clingstone, easily bruises, asymmetric … still there are plenty of enthusiasts who wouldn’t mind buying a commercial only fruit tree from time to time.


Of these two varieties (flavor supreme and dapple dandy) which is better? Danzig sent me some nice wood a while back and I have nice grafts of both growing on my plum. Interested to know which of the two folks like the best. Prps and cons etc.

FS sets very lightly but tastes great. DD sets heavily but IMO the quality is marginal. My only experience with DD is with farmers’ markets here where they are sold heavily.