Blackberries, Raspberries and Hybrids

I learn from others mostly… i havent invented or created anything that i know of… Im bad about being a story teller but thats how i learn.

To the person that wants a u-pick or to sell at farmers markets or to make large quantities of jams or jellies…those folks would want maximum production.

Personally i want small trees and compact fruiting things that are for my personal use…and of course i want the best tasting.

I have no doubt that the berries in her pics taste awful…but they look good… she achieved her goal at everyone thinking she is an expert. She is after likes and followers.

My current best berries are growing in darn near drought… i kind of feel sorry for some plants …but i know how tough these plants are… I want my berries to be loaded with flavor at the sacrifice of a picture.

If i wanted pictures i would grow some in wicking tubs and give them all the love and care at my muster…but the berries would taste very boring.

You can see an irrigation line in her pics… also looks like woodchips over plastic… so i have no doubt that these berries are over hydrated.


For those looking for Allen black rasps.

Isons just added it to their list and will ship in Dec-April


I have some Meeker Raspberry plants in the grow bags. I bought them sometime in July but never got to put them in the ground. Is it safe to plant them in the ground in October? I am in Portland, OR Zone 8B.


October is fine for planting in Portland.


what can cross with occidentalis and what is the best way to grow them

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Lewis Raspberry- available in very few small nurseries in the US but more available overseas. Not very cold hardy… Z5 and above most likely. I think i will pick up some before they are no longer available here in the US.

Seems to be a better berry than Kwanza or Kweli.

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how do I prep rubus for the winter? I have a small thimble berry plant, a small dewberry plant and a small occidentalis plant

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