Bloom times of plums/hybrids. Zone 8b, PNW

Hi all!
If anyone has grown these, I would love to get advice on the bloom times of these cultivars & any advice in case I am missing any crucial pollinizers. Seattle, Wa (zone 8b, PNW).

Flavor Queen pluot
Emerald beaut plum
Italian plum
Rosy gage plum
Coes golden drop plum
Mirabelle plum
Green gage plum

Thanks in advance :blush:


some extension publications to look at:

Collection: Oregon/OSU SB 582 Plum Varieties for Oregon ← this one has bloom time data for a couple on your list if you go to the PDF, for Corvallis which will be a couple weeks earlier than you

I’ll add that flavor grenade is worth consideration if you’re looking at pluots, it’s very late season (nice for a Japanese plum), long keeping, and appears to crop well compared to other pluots

beauty/methley/shiro/hollywood are very well proven and should be on your list if you like any of them

I’d worry less about bloom time (unless you have an especially challenging site with frost or something) and more about general compatibility, the extension lists are things that have done well overall


Hi and welcome to the forum Manasi
Here is what I have for varieties of plum blossom schedules for 2022
Fruit blossom schedule
Earliest: Cherry plum

4/7 - 4/18: Shiro, Yellow plum, Ozark Premiere,

4/7- 4/18: Empress about 60% flowers fruited, others still open, Stanley,

4/14- Geneva Mirabelle, Red plum and Gages, Bills wild plums, Petite Prune d Argen, Sweet Cherry, Sweet Treat Pluery, L3,

Note from Vincent: Don’t worry Dennis. Sugar twist and sweet treat and Nadia they’re having the same bloom period.especially Nadia blooming last very long time over a month.

4/20- 4/?. : Black Splendor,


Asian plums and pluots (first two entries in your list) are one group, while European plums (the rest) are another group, they bloom at different times and don’t pollinate each other.

For Euro plums, I think you have enough varieties to pollinate each other.

Flavor Queen blooms quite earlier than Emerald Beaut. They might overlap, but I suggest adding Flavor King pluot to fill the gap.


Thank you Dennis!! What zone are you?

Thank you all for the great resources & advice :blush:

Thank you so much! I’ll look into flavor king!

If you single-click on a person’s avatar it will show their info. For example, @DennisD 's info shows Zone 8b.


A lot of people agree that Flavor King is one of the best flavored pluots.


With my personal opinion : most of Pluot and Apricots are very hard to fruit in marine time weather Pacific Northwest areas. Some of us more successful with splash Pluot and maybe flavor Greenade Pluot. With me Pluerries such Sweet Treat or Sugar Twist or Nadia cherry plum must be better. Could any of you had Pluot trees perform well in the areas please share with us here. Thank you so much.


So far,Flavor Grenade is my most reliable Pluot.Splash was abundant one year and the next had very few fruit.Sugar Twist does produce some,but the taste is bland and texture mushy.Candy Heart is very low production,but good flavor.Same with Flavor King and Flavor Supreme is almost nonexistent.
Nadia has been good,both in quantity and quality.I also have a Cot-n-Candy Aprium that has fair amounts,but is in a grow bag and should be in the ground.
There are other grafts on a couple trees that need to grow a bit.
A multi-grafted tree,with numerous Asian Plums and Pluots,gets attacked by Brown Rot Blossom Blight in the Spring.Something that I’m working to control.


Great info, Stan.
John S

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@Bradybb thank you so much for sharing experience information Brad. It helps us to save time, rooms to grow and money…I gave up on Candy heart for a long time and didn’t have any chance to taste it. Do you have Sweet treat? Didn’t see your comment on it.
This year I ordered 2 in 1 Delight and Sprite cherry plum hybrid as well.

Sweet Treat is a graft that needs to grow a little more and Sprite was grafted on a Flavor Supreme and is very vigorous,with lots of fruit,every year.

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I looking for to order Cot n candy aprium. Probably more adaptable here than apricots. They are about 4 different Aprium varieties. Do you have the others? How is the flavor of cot n candy? @Bradybb
How is the quality of your sprite cherry plum?

“summer delight” was the one I was most interested in because OGW claims it’s reliable and I’m a sucker for new things. but I’d like a user report first:

flavor delight is the original released 1990 and it had a bunch of testing by NWREC if you dig through the pdfs. I recall when I looked it did ok but not great:

btw I killed my flavor delight last year, I think by spraying sulfur, I forgot that’s a no-no for apricots when I did my whole garden

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Cot-n-Candy is the only Aprium that I grow and is okay flavor wise,not as good,compared to an Apricot like OrangeRed.But I tried some dried C-N-C once and it was excellent.
I’ve read some good things about Summer Delight and that’ll be my next Aprium,if adding another.
On a scale of 1-5,to me,Sprite gets about a 3 for taste.

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Thank you @Bradybb
Cot n candy is not available for ordering. Summer Delight is very late season Aprium. It might not a good choice for us here.


What gets a 5?


So far,Flavor King,Flavor Supreme,Geo Pride and probably Purple Heart Plum.
Emerald Beaut Plum hasn’t fruited yet,but I’ve tasted them grown elsewhere and they are there too.