I was going to post this in the thread about cold weather but I decided to just put in the pictures section. I think they look nice even if they don’t make fruit this year.


What are those? Bush cherries?


Are these bush cherries?


Pinch poke you owe me a Coke. Lol


Yes, sorry, should have noted, Nankings


Nice looking nankings Derby! It’s going to be 21 degrees here tonight.


Yes, 23 here tonight, aw well I will just enjoy the flowers while they last


Throw a tarp or some plastic over the smaller ones. . . . Hurry up! Get out there!:wink:


Sure lol, if it were the 24 oh March


It will be 22 here. Many plums are in bloom and many peaches are showing too much pink, even apples are showing some green tips.


I couldn’t find any better thread to add some pictures to,if that’s okay Jason? Brady

This is the earliest blooming plant I have,a Cornus mas(Cornelian Cherry)which is past full flower stage now.

Multi-graft Plum and Apricot with mostly Santa Rosa and Shiro showing and a little Lavina.

Flavor Grenade Pluot with about a third of the flowers open.

Beauty Plum and a few others grafted onto a Flavor Supreme Pluot.If only some other Plums grew and set fruit like Beauty,that’d be nice.


Very nice.


Toka Plum


Very nice, @Bradybb, that Frankenplum’s blooms are impressive, as well as the others.

Looking good @BobC, how many plums do you have? What kind of flavor do you get out of the Toka?


Couple Stanley’s , Redheart, one unknown, and the Toka. I get many some years, small and tasty.


Crab, Plum, and Weeping Cherry.


I have a weeping cherry in the front yard I planted for one of my granddaughters. I hope it blooms as nice as that some day. It seems to be more weeping than the one in you photo. I hav had to stake it to force it to grow a vertical trunk.


Sweet pit apricots



Let hope no late freeze so you can get a good crop this year.



I’m not sure what I’d do with a crop of apricots it’s been so long ago!