You’ll get sick of them soon :grin: Why do they all ripen at the same time!?


We are expecting a hard freeze. I’m not planning to taste a single apricot but I’m hopeful.


I was out dodging rain drops checking out some of my trees. It looks like there are a few open pink buds on some of the peach trees. It’s been mild this week, and was 65 today, so I imagine there’ll be more opening up. It’s supposed to get down to 28 next Thursday, so that might zap a few of them.

The two year old pears are showing leaf sprouts, but the newer pears and apples are still slumbering. It looks like all the bush cherries, gooseberries and raspberries are sprouting as well.


Keeping my fingers crossed for ya :crossed_fingers:


I think this is Toka but I have a few other Japanese plums also so I may be mistaken. I think Toka is the non thorny looking plum in these photos.


I will get a close up later


The temperature got down to 17 F one night and I lost the tip blooms of one branch. I was surprised I did not lose them all.


Clark FYI that was last years picture. We don’t have any blooms at all yet. Normally by 1 April we do. Been a long cold year so far.


My Toka has pokies.


Hmm I better look at my Japanese plums again


Nectarine, Apricot, Plum and Pluot


Yesterday, I noticed the following might flower:

Santa Rosa
Purple Heart
Williams’ Pride

Just some highlights I couldn’t help but notice. Flowers = fruit. I hope I get fruit!

After 4 years, my huge Beauty plum tree still has no blooms. What gives, man?


Puget Gold Apricot Blossoms a few weeks ago, the majority of them are baby fruits now. Thank you Bumble bees!

Caught yellow handed!


Here is my little monkey posing in front of a blooming Scarlet Prince peach.


Looks like lanti jujuli pear is going to bloom this year


I’m convinced the weather gods hate me. 25 degrees with very hard frost this morning… Say goodbye to my blooms.


I feel your pain… however, the only things that have really bloomed is the Toka Plum and another plum I have… It has been a miserable April. 24 here this morning with heavy frost…


Very sorry to hear that. 25F at bloom time is horrible. This spring weather has not been kind to many of us.


Cherry Blossoms


Hard to see but the honeyberries are flowering.