Nice! Mine bloomed here April 10th last year. Not even swelling yet this year.


I have completely lost track of which cultivars I planted. Plums are in full bloom and pears are about to burst.


This years blooms.


Thanks @BobC great looking blooms !


Loring Peach


Clove Currents


Nadia and a few bush cherries and Korean bush cherries behind it.


These are juneberries if anyone wants to see them


Dry them!
Can them!


Nice! How would you rate Loring fruit?


how do you use Juneberry?


Fantastic here in my NYC climate, firm flesh, great taste, keeps well, tree is very vigorous in about 3/4 full sun


Do your Juneberries get Cedar Apple Rust?


My juneberries do not seem to get CAR. We eat them fresh and in pies like people with more acidic soil use blueberries. They are not nearly as good frozen as blueberries and we get tons of them!


Apples are opening up!


Some of my second year apples are in full bloom almost!

This last picture I took it today just outside of our post office. Just amazing


Great Photo Quality Clark!


Kaga Plum

Observations of stonefruit in bloom this season

Hey Naeem, those are a lot of flowers for a second year tree. I have a handful of flowers on a second year Golden Delicious, but nowhere close to that. Are you going to let all those grow into apples or remove them until the tree gets more established?


Finally something bloom in my yard.
Autumn Star peach. There are about 10-12 grafts on the tree.