I am going to keep one apple on each branch only and lets tree grow and establish.


Few blooms from today
Last year grafts. Except for the second one with few clusters of flowers, that is the main tree planted in 2016.
First pic is of winterbanana flowers with harrow Sweet on top of it.



Need to finish thinning!


We can our cots.
Just pop the pits out and cook them in a thick botom pan…and stir often. Hot pack in jars and water bath 10 min.
They are better then jam, have nothing added and just a bit of moisture removed.

We are still eating last year’s crop and they are awesome!


Autumn berries aka autumn olives


No fruit

Mine (Garnet) hasn’t flowered yet. It will be it’s first flowering. If it looks half that nice I’ll be happy.


Very nice, lot of flowers. Questions:
Do flowers fragrant? Does it produce edible berries?


Edible berries with a taste somewhat like sour cherries. The blooms are fragrant but not in a way I care for.


First year that Rubinette apple blooms. Grafted on my Gold Rush tree. It’s prettier than surrounding Gold Rush.


My Rubinette is probably my prettiest flowering apple with the deepest pink buds. Probably my favorite apple for flavor too (though I have many varieties yet to come into production). Boy did I savor the dozen fruits I got last year!


Great to hear. I have only two clusters of Rubinette flowers this year. I hope to get an apple or two.


Pink Princess, one of red flesh apples. First year grafted, blooms were taken off after the pics were taken.