Blueberry transplanting/propagating

I am interested in growing blueberries. We own land in the Catskill Mountains in NY, where we have more blueberry bushes than we know what to do with, though I have none at my primary residence near Watertown, NY. I was wondering how I should go about propagating these blueberry bushes. Do blueberry bushes do well with being dug up and transplanted. The soll here is different than up north, we have a lot of clay where I live. Down here in the Catskills though, I’m assuming the soil is rather acidic, since the blueberries thrive. Any tips or advice for growing blueberries would be a help. Thanks

This is the cheapest way,right now,I know of,that works to propagate them and other cuttings.
The fogger assemblies,complete with transformer are about $10 on Ebay.
I grow Blueberries,mostly in containers,with about a 70/30,Conifer/Peat moss


I’m about to do the same, digging up a wild lowbush here in Maine. From what I’ve gathered, it’s best to do it with a dormant plant, before the spring growth. But it can be done any time with some more caution and watching the plant for a bit. Bring a plant container or buckets. Try to find a plant that is younger, and a little away from the main bush (since they spread through the ground by rhizomes). Water it the day before, or even feed some liquid bloom fertilizer to give it some extra P-K for root development later. Dig around the plant as wide as you can still fit into your container/bucket, or just wrapped some moist burlap or towels around it. That makes sure you get a good piece of the roots with the plant section It’s best to transfer some extra soil that it was growing in, and mix it with the soil from the new location to reduce the transplant shock. Mixing in a bunch of peat and compost wouldn’t hurt either.

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Could you put the link for the fogger assemblies, please. I would like to see how complicated it is and how it works. Thank you.

Here is a clone Brady did and sent me. Spartan, berries are starting to ripen now.
It’s over 3 feet,4th year. I think? My potato plants are photo bombing! I’m growing Adirondack Red and “All Blue” this year. Growing like fricking weeds!


Here is a typical one sold on Ebay.I recommend getting two or more,because sometimes they stop working.Once getting the transformers,only the fogger parts are needed and they might be less money.There are kits to replace the fogger’s disc,but I didn’t have success trying to fix them.
This is my setup.I found a Rubbermaid tub and put a kitty litter box in it for the water.The container came with a solid color lid,so one was made from some greenhouse polyfilm,stapled to a wood frame.Sometimes I use two foggers at once,if the weather is


Thank you for the link. I think I will make a set up for the lettuce during summer. It will be way too hot and dry here, and they are wilting from the heat already. Thanks again for your help.
I ordered two sets. Thank you

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I have done the same setup as Bradybb and also bought the same foggers. The blueberry cuttings I started did take a while to root tho.


I have transplanted a number of mature blueberry bushes in early spring. Other than the fact they were very heavy, it went well. I dug as much of the soil and roots as possible and slid them into a rubber bushel basket. Some were 3-4’ tall. In the new planting hole I mixed peat, native soil, sulfur and ammonium sulfate. They didn’t seem to miss a beat, and I got some good exercise.

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I plant my blueberries in 7 gallon pots in pure peat moss and then bury those right in the soil. They seem to be doing great. I do fertilize often with stuff for acid loving plants. Try to only use rainwater.

I use glass jars over my semihardwood cuttings. Last year I had pretty good success. I’m doing a few blueberries for the first time using that method but I won’t know for a few weeks if anything happens.

Do you keep that in the shade then outside?

I’m using a 50 peat/sand mix with my cuttings…and then glass jars over the top… it worked in the past but I think my early ones (early June) may have been too early and the nights were dropping into the mid 50Fs a few times… i’ll have to check for any root growth. I also use rooting hormone.

It sits on the floor,inside a small greenhouse and gets some shade,depending on the time of

That’s not too much humidity? I’ve found that my cuttings don’t root as fast if they get babied too much, if they don’t have to search for the moisture, they don’t get the urgency to grow roots. I’ve had that happen when the medium stays soggy, or if I mist them and use a tight humidity dome. Granted, with the extra heat that may be different.

I know last year when mine took off it was very hot and very humid outside but I don’t use a spray system…i just keep the soil moist. I think another thing, at least with tree cuttings is timing…my early June cuttings last year did nothing…while my mid/late June cuttings grew nicely. I did gardenia cuttings using the same method and had 100% take.

Another option for blueberries Is seed. I took these from some Dole bagged blueberries (monster size fruit) and left them in the garage all winter in peat moss…well I looked one day and they were growing and a few weeks back I potted them up.

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I’ve had 100% on my blackberry and raspberry so far (big surprise) with just a humidity dome, I use to have the same setup and success back in my closet growing days. After the first 3 days, I just open it up a few times a day to let it breath and dry the condensation that built up on the sides of the dome. After a week, I left the dome off for longer periods (until they showed signs of wilting) and covered them back up. I did this all on a covered porch so it was in the shade. I’m about to try rooting a cutting or two of my blueberry bush too, just for the hell of it since I’ll be pruning and rooting more black/rasp berries soon.

As for growing from seeds, if your in the US, just make sure the berries were US grown. Any produce being imported gets irradiated to kill or render sterile any pathogens and pests. That also makes the seeds not viable.

Has anyone air layered blueberries? Should be an easy way to get giant bushes very quickly.

I tried wounding a cane once,growing near the ground and covering with soil,but nothing happened.I’ve read that it can be done though.
Also,someone told me,they had success with aeroponically cloning

I think I inadvertently layered several by dumping a pile of wood chip mulch that partially buried 1/3 of my bush a couple years ago and then never getting around to spreading the chips. I’m pretty sure they are still connected to the original, but have plenty of heir own roots (haven’t checked). If I find a place to put them, I may transplant. But I think I prefer Honeyberries and black currants :).

I think its my Duke - yep. It’s more crisp than the other varieties. I bought 1 plant each of 10 varieties. Just when I think I have clear favorites, a season will produce different results.

I think Blueray may be the one that has a hint of mint in the flavor.

Often I like it best of:


Are you serious? You prefer black currants to blueberries?!!!