Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil Spray

Any of you use this or a similar product on your persimmon trees? I sprayed my fig trees with it today and also some citrus trees and persimmon trees.

For what purpose?

Scale, mites, insect eggs, whiteflies on my citrus

Scale on Citrus is hard to control this time of year as they are hardening off. Mineral oil (Bonide All Seasons is 98%) would make a good penetrant but be far more effective if coupled with an insect toxin ā€“ which you are going to need anyway to kill the whitefly adults that keep coming to your plants.

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Iā€™m not really having problems at this time, mainly just a Fall spray going into the winter. Maybe help if I get hit with leaf-miners on the new citrus growth coming now. I have already sprayed them with spinosad and neen oil a few times this season for leaf-miners.

Mineral oil and neem oil will hinder the effectiveness of spinosad.

I rotated spraying spinosad and neem oil a few weeks apart.

Oh, ok. You can skip the neem oil and just spray with spinosad at 2 week intervals. It has good penetration in young leaves. The neem oil is a surfactant and will strengthen insect larvae populations unless an insect toxin is present.

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Thanks for the information.

How many weeks do you spray the spinosad?