Broken Branch Surviving

This branch broke about a week ago (you can never thin too much!)…sad but…

It is hanging onto the tree barely but even with 95 degree temperatures, it is surviving. No visible wilt after 7 days…

I would never guess it could get enough nutrients and moisture from that little bit to keep the whole branch alive. Hopefully the fruits will finish ripening in the next few weeks!


That is sad. Happens too often. :cry:

Bunch of my pear branches broke and still managed to ripen the crop. 7 days with no wilt. Good chance they will ripen.


As long as there is some attachment, it will go on to ripen the fruit. Happened to my several times with peaches, plums and pluots.

Yes, I definitely thinned a lot but sometimes, it was not enough.

The picture hints at a grafting joint, was that the break point?

No, just a past pruning cut.

Each year I have several trees that I brace up with pre-cut y yokes to assure the loaded limbs are not carrying the majority of weight as fruit matures.