Budding out way too early?


I usually try to write down the bud break and leafing out and that happens much later here usually. I will check and see if the UT Ag center has info about that as well, since you mentioned it :+1:




It reached 72 here in Virginia and I noticed some buds on my peach and plum trees. It is expected to be in the mid 60’s for the next three to four days.


I cut all my scion wood a few days ago and have it in the fridge. I’d rather wait a few weeks so that it is closer to grafting time, but I’m sure it will be fine. Definitely better than getting out to cut wood and seeing those buds blowing up.

The only things I see really showing much life are daffodils pushing up, a few blueberry buds swelling and my elderberries showing green tips on the buds (they hardly go to sleep around here it seems). But all that could change quickly, maybe this week. We had a lot of chill hours in late November through December so things around here (Arlington, VA) are definitely primed.


The garlic I planted is coming up, and the fig I stored in the garage (in case of a sudden cold snap) seems to be breaking dormancy. The one I mulched with leaves and left out is still dormant for now.

Good opportunity to plant some flowers that need cold stratification while the ground is workable.


So is anyone else been noticing things breaking dormancy early? I sure do hope that this next weekends cold temps put everything back to sleep :flushed:


Two of my mulberries. Trying to figure out how in the world to wrap them up and protect them just in case we drop into the low/mid 20s.


Good luck! We are suppose to hit the low 20s by next weekend but the highs for the next few days are suppose to be in the 60s :man_shrugging:


Do sprays to prevent dehydration do any good here? I’m thinking pinene, for example.


Not as much here as I would’ve expected. The peaches are still dormant, and even the red Maple in my yard is dormant.

Just a few daffodils popping 1” or less, which is not particularly out of the ordinary.


We have daffodils popping up as well but as you say, that is not out of the ordinary. It is 41 F this morning so that will help some but the high for today is going to be 62 F. Thursday night the temps are going to start dropping and we will hit 32. Hopefully that will halt the budding prcess without killing anything.


I guess this weekend will set things back to where they should be :cold_face:


I’ve got a seedling crab apple…(flowering crab I think)…….that has burgundy leaves…bigger than mouse’s ears.
Somerset, KY.
Sure to turn black by MLK day I would think!


One pear tree has budded out a lot more than any other tree now (it is the D’Anjou in my first post) I won’t be surprised if it is the same way :man_facepalming:

Hope your tree is ok after the cold spell, BlueBerry :+1:


i havent had time to check my trees. but i only notice my peach. i hope it will be ok. otherwise no fruit this summer. 5 months away from fresh ripe peaches.


Checked this morning and saw a couple of swelling bloom buds on Odom and Guthrie plum. Colder weather is coming tomorrow so they should slow down.


Hopefully it doesn’t affect them to badly!


Checked my Anjou pear again this evening after we had very cold weather last night and today. It is budding
out even more!

The Kieffer doesn’t look to have woken up a bit…

The cherry hasn’t budded anymore either.

I am wanting to graft to the Anjou when it is time and hope this doesn’t winter kill the tree back and hurt with my grafting…?


The Calleryana in Downtown Baltimore have some bud swell, but the ones here (Howard County, MD), none at all.


Well, if it gets into the single digits in February…those pear buds will definitely die. But, the tree probably will live, and you can graft to it OK.