Budding out way too early?


Well that is good to know that it shouldn’t hurt it with the grafting to much. :+1:


I’m watching my peaches closely. My Loring and Belle of Georgia are starting to swell. I’m in Virginia and before this week highs have been in the 60s for several weeks. Now it’s in the teens at night. I would be So disappointed if I have no blooms.


All my pear varieties appear to still be dormant. My earliest to bloom is Hood, Orient, and Kieffer and they are the ones that are damaged the most by cold weather. I’m slowly grafting over these to other varieties but keeping a small presence to cover early pollination needs. I grafted in about five new varieties in 2019 and I’m hoping some of these will bloom late.


A very chilly morning at the homeplace this morning!


The east and south look to turn very mild again late month/into early Feb… so i wouldn’t be surprised some of you see more heat…


I’m in central NC in zone 7B and have never seen my fruit trees and blueberries so far advanced for this time of the year. Unfortunately I have over 850 chill hours at this moment and with the warm weather the plants think its spring . It will be interesting to see what happens to the Blueberries, especially the SHB after a bunch of 24 degree lows over the next week.

Looking like this could be the year for 100% loss.

Edit: Noticed the Ornamental Cherry trees and Daffodils are starting to bloom almost a month ahead of last year which was the earliest season I have ever seen. My average frost date is first week of April so everything is out of whack.


The Old Farmers Almanac had ‘prophesied’ that January would be 6 to 8 degrees above normal. (But it’s saying below normal by a little for February…so if it gets that right, Feb. will be worse than January. And I do expect such will be the case…Feb. colder and snowier than Jan.).


I don’t think my blueberries are far enough along to be hurt but I sure feel for everyone who loses anything this year because of the wacky weather…

Wonder how much colder and how much more snow that February has in store for us :weary:


My earliest SH is Oneal and Star and both have started to bloom. These both bloom over a long period and manage to produce some berries each year. My most reliable SH is Millennia which blooms later along with the rabbit-eyes like Climax.


I don’t think these peach buds are swelling. Yet I keep second-guessing myself both ways. One minute, I think there’s a teeny little bit of scale separation, the next minute I think “no, those are dormant“.


Those could go either way :thinking:


I think I’m starting to see some early bud break too.
This is blue berry:

image image


Or am I just seeing things?
I’m pretty sure about blue berry. Not the other two.


You been having above average warm weather as well? It sure looks like they are coming out of dormancy to me :thinking: :+1:


This winter has been mild down here as well. Prime Ark Freedom in 8a is already blooming on one of my plants.

And one of the pomegranates.


Your poms look about 2 weeks ahead mine.


As long as it doesn’t get really cold again in 8a then you may just get fruit earlier :grinning:


yeah same issue going on in PNW hope we will be frost free until april then fruits will be safe. otherwise im curious how much flower buds will make it to fruit set.


Chances are…slim. The Prime Ark Freedom I’m not worried about. They wake up, get knocked back a little, wake back up, grow ad produce just as many berries. That pomegranate is an Ariana, just fyi for folks that live near Dallas, Texas. It’s my only one awake right now.



Oh, that blueberry picture is still really dormant compared to what I saw Friday in Berea, KY!
Not far away…if we don’t get back below 25 in next 2 weeks I think they will be blooming here!
(And then if it gets to 5 or 10 degrees mid or late Feb…it’s bye bye I would think.)


Crazy winter weather this year. Lots of rain and not nearly as cold as it usually should be. We just had three days of rain and it should have been snow.