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Google leaf footed stink bug. Looks like a match to me


Looks like it. Took it out after reading the UC Davis IPM guide.


leaf footed bug. Bastards with a wide range of fruit and nut tastes. Predation over a long period of time (season). Cat facing. Fruit rots at site of probocis entry. Probocis can also be used to lance (“bite”) you if grabbed.

Replicate in high numbers.

Few predators due to stink/irritant gland.

Hard to control. Best to attack them early to keep numbers down.


I have ptsd from those things. I absolutely hate them. We get me by the hundreds the last few years, never had them before. They destroy tomatoes.


I agree with the others, they were terrible here last year. They will ruin tomatoes, blueberries…basically everything. The only success I had was using a really high powered handvac and sucking them up with it.


Yikes, two of them were mating. I squished one but the other got away! :frowning:


I’ve actually posted the same comment before…I never saw these things for 35 years of my life, then just in about 2 years they are EVERYWHERE here. It would be interesting to know their history- where they came from, why they have become so pervassive, etc. I didn’t know they could lance/bite/hurt you! I’ve handled them quite a bit and other than the very strong smell, never experienced any personal problems. But they are very hard on gardens and fruit around here.


The adults overwinter, and I think a lot more survive with the milder winters we’ve been having (at least here in California). I noticed the same thing with the black widows; the first four years I lived here, I killed around 20 a year. Last year it was over 70. And yes, I know they’re beneficial and they deal with nuisance bugs, but I’ve got two little ones who frequent the garden, and while I have had a few crawl on me, it would not be ok for them to do the same to my daughters.


There are several traps for stink bugs you can make at home. I was going to try some when they started showing up around here. I’m hoping the harlequin cabbage bug will be enticed. Early action saves later disasters.


I don’t think those traps will work, I don’t think these fly at night (they’re not stink bugs, they just stink).


Speaking of stink bugs,

Did you know that in Guerrero, Mexico, Stinkbugs (Atizies Taxcoensis) or jumiles (pronounced Hoomeeles) are considered a delicacy! They are eaten with salsa and tortillas.

I’ve never try them, but what I’ve heard is that they have a spicy flavor.

Just you tube “Jumiles,” for more info.


Stink bugs are a nightmare of increasing frequency here in the northeast as well. Just as the brown marmorated SB made this part of its domain the common green stink bug began asserting itself at several orchards I manage, including my own.

At least the green one can be controlled (so far) with fairly minimal pyrethroid input. BMS threatens to make fruit growing extremely difficult, and has already been a real problem at a few sites. This year there doesn’t seem to be so many overwintering ones in my house so that is probably a good sign. They are a real horror when they invade homes as well as orchards.


Hey Ryan, have you tried any of these? Many of these insects are attracted to light and the trap design does not need to be such that only flying insects are caught. One guy made a little pathway for them to crawl to the light. Anyway, I plan on trying some variations on those themes and see what is successful. My personal preference is trapping rather than hand picking&squishing or spraying, but maybe I’ll need to do all three.


What would you rather eat, a Durian fruit or stink bugs?



Many loves durian, me included. But then again, some may choose to eat stinkbugs if these were the only two choices


I would try both.


Just found these in my greenhouse good bug or bad?


Was going to say… smash it… and tell me the name!!!


They are hatching everywhere and I have been smashing them LOL… and then I had the thought that maybe they might be good bugs. I have done a google search but so far came up blank.