Bug ID Please


They look like they could be june bugs (beetles) or maybe one of the scarab beetles. Does this picture look anything like them?




Mine are black so I am not sure, maybe if I would let one grow up?


They are grown. The immature are the white grubs you find when turning soil.

As for the color there are 30,000 some-odd varieties, so I would expect a wide range of color!


Looks like they are not really good or bad, they only eat seeds of plants in the mint and nettle families, could be good too keep some weeds down actually. They are called the mother bug because they tend their young, thought that was really interesting.


Now that’s interesting! I’ve never heard of them (or their behavior in bugs) before. Sounds like that’s what they are though. Good catch.


Thank you, I will stop squashing them, I was afraid they would attack the seedlings I am just now putting in the greenhouse.


When identifying insects, note that beetles have wing covers that evenly divide down the back, whereas True Bugs like the one just identified above have complex, overlapping wings and the division is indistinct.


Wondering if anyone knows what this is, good or bad?


Looks like a dragonfly…good, they eat skeeters


I think this kind is called Damsonfly, often think of as a miniature dragonfly


mamuang nailed it


They’re both good to have, and pretty to look at.


Great to know. I have a lot of them. This one was just completely oblivious to me and it gave me a great photo. And yes I just happened to see it cause they are very pretty to look at… nature makes all the best looking stuff! Thanks guys.


If the size of the insect cannot be determined in the image, for identification, dragonflies perch with wings spread wide open and damselflies perch with wings closed over the body.


This one looks prehistoric… Has some iridescence on bottom of wings. Second pic shows it best.



Katy, If I were going to bet I would bet = bad bug…just looks like the kinds that would suck juice out of a fruit. Hopefully someone who knows better will comment. I have a brand new creature today as well. It is just sitting on an apple tree branch moving around to hide from me.

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Yes, Reg! Now I’m going to go back and say goodbye to it. Thanks!


That’s a wrap on the bug :grin:


Dang, they appear to be pretty tough. I whacked it twice (kinda, it was under some leaves) and it jumped off the branch. I don’t know if it buried itself in the dry grass ‘mulch’ or flew away…but I couldn’t find it. I gotta get a bigger stick. Now I know what it is…this is good.