Bunnies or other animals?

I have a pot of nasturtium on the front steps. And this happened!!

I think it’s bunny’s work. My better half thinks I am biased against bunnies and that bunnies probably would not hop three steps up to get to the pot!!

What say you?


My guess is bunnies as well. That clean nip off the top is their signature move. Squirrels is second guess.


Either that or your better half is secretly snipping and eating the leaves!


We have quite a few bunnies and other creatures. I often blame bunnies and my better half thinks that in my eyes, bunnies are guilty until proven innocent :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

He tries to defend them.


Yup. They are. I’m sure the whole rodent family has purpose on the planet, but mostly I just end up wishing they would do it somewhere else!




100% absolutely that is bunnies- or more likely one Bunny! He/she had quite the feast didn’t it? ha. Sorry…I’m sure its not funny to you but that was one devoted, big appetite rabbit! Problem is, he/she will be back!


Thank you all for confirming that was the work of Peter Rabbit.

Kevin - I am not offended at all. It is kind of funny that it waited until we left (like it knew) on a trip to munch on it. Too bad there is no enemy around here. Neighbor dogs are very tame. We are thickly settled. Hardly see coyotes or foxes.

@thecityman, @galinas , et al,

Was this the work of Peter Rabbit, too?

My tiny strawberry patch is in the front of the house. Squirrels usually do not venture out to the front. Nor do chipmunks. But… it could be them. I’ve ruled out birds.

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Several possibilities: chipmunks, slugs, even birds. I never saw rabbit eating berries, just leaves, and because I have similar damage on some covered berries, for me it is most likely slugs.

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Thanks, @galinas , How do you get rid of slugs without using a product like Sluggo?

Chipmunks. I see them do the same to my strawberries all the time. They seem to get bolder very year, too.

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I use Sluggo. Why not to use it? It is iron…

Just too lazy to go to a store to buy it but will buy it if that’s the only thing that work. Maybe, I should drown them in a shallow container with beer.

@SMC_zone6 , hubby and daughter think chipmunks are cute. I hate them as much as I hate squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, etc.

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The nasturtium is the work of bunnies. The strawberry could be slugs or chipmunks

I think your husband is right…you are blaming the poor innocent rabbits in this case! haha. Just kidding, but I am doubtful that this is rabbits- I’ve never seen them eat berries but they might. I;d suspect mice or voles or chipmonks. I dunno…this one is less clear.

edit: I answered before reading other posts. Sounds like we’re all leaning toward chipmonks.

Easy way is to patrol at night after irrigating or a rain shower, if slugs or snails are seen, collect them in a container with just a half handful of commercial fertilizer. They instantly turn liquid and can the be applied to your compost. Earth to Earth!
After about 10-12 trips the population becomes manageable

Bunnies would eat the entire thing. Or else it was my dog. She does that! Also to the green berries just turning red, which is really annoying! A few more on the way then my season for strawberries is over. There were really good!!!

Slugs dissolve if you sprinkle salt on them, and if you burn wood a sprinkling of ash is said to make a barrier they won’t cross. I’ve tried copper wire around my raised beds and it may work. Presumably, they won’t cross the copper. Maybe it tingles?

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Damnrabbits nip off the flowering heads of my dianthus. Don’t eat them, just leave them dead on the ground.