Burbank cherry - worth more attention as backyard variety?

Last year at a CRFG exchange I picked up Burbank cherry scion, not really knowing what it was but recognizing how so many of his fruits have unexpected value.

I was surprised this year to see how early it is budding out, and even popped out a flower already. Next to Royal Lee, Royal Crimson, and Minnie Royal, this does appear to be one of the earlier cherries of the traditional varieties. I asked around about it and it sounds like Burbank’s claims about its flavor are true? One guy said it was one of his best cherries, better than Brooks and Coral. Can anyone else share their experiences?

Here is Burbank’s story of how he bred this cherry:


"I was able after many years of experimentation to produce a cherry that ripens about three weeks earlier than any variety-hitherto grown in California…

…(1) fruit weeks before the usual cherry season, and (2) produce a superabundant crop of fruit of (3) the largest size, (4) best color, (5) firmest texture, and (6) finest quality; growing in (7) easily gathered clusters on (8) trees of fine shape that are (9) hardy and (10) immune to the attacks of insects…"

Maybe this cherry is worth a second look as a backyard cherry? It seems forgotten. I checked online and its S compatibility alleles were not even included in the biggest database I could find:

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If you search the thread Royal Crimson Cherry (aka 6GM25, Royal Fran) There is more information on it that Stan provided on May 2019. Photos of my graft are included with Wickson/Burbank cherries on it, grafted three months earlier! The tree and graft growth is stunted in my yard, 6 to 8 inches per year although cherry production is good. Unfortunately there was no CRFG exchange this year due to Covid.