Burchell Nursery - One of the best nectarines I tasted ever! Better than DWN Honey Series

I am a big fan of the DWN Honey Series nectarines. Have tasted them @ Andys Orchard, Kashiwase Farms, Farmers Market. These are some of the best nectarines I’ve had.

But I think I’ve found one that’s better - Rapunzel Nectarine.

Of all the fruits I’ve tasted, this yellow donut nectarine goes to the top of the list. I first had it at Andy’s orchard @ the June/July 2017 fruit tasting. It was amazing - the best way to describe it is a Honey Royale or Honey Kist but better.

I looked around everywhere but couldn’t find this variety. Finally reached out to Andy and he was very helpful.He had actually ordered the snack time white nectarine from Burchell but had received this one by error. So he named this noname variety Rapunzel. He did check with Burchell for me and they came to the conclusion that Rapunzel is most likely Honey Halo Nectarine.

After a few calls, Burchell was nice enough to let me pick up a few bare root tree from their commercial stock. Everyone was super nice and helpful!

All planted in ground now! I have 4 more peaches/nectarines - snack time, honey halo, scarlet halo & pink halo. :slight_smile:

Pictures from the road trip to Burchell :slight_smile:


Pretty much all fruit orchards on the drive to Burchell were filled with DWN trees (notice the DWN tree guards)


Who did you talk to at Burchell? They list Cashmere cherry (my holy grail of fruit trees) on their website, I have attempted to contact them but did not receive a response.

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We have ordered walnuts from Burchel before. We were very happy with the trees, and customer service.


Burchell was going to supply me with an assortment of their trees at one point. But when it came time I couldn’t get back in touch with them. Maybe at some point when I’m back looking for trees they’ll come thru.

I’m sure they have some good stuff. But I’d be more a believer if it were fruit I grew myself. Or at least if I knew the brix was similar between DWN and Burchell fruit.


I’m never ordering from Burchell again. They refused to refund me for a tree that was dead upon arrival, and I have called dozens of times and they do not reply to my voicemails or emails and the one time they did reply they refused a refund OR a replacement. They have been dodging me ever since. What’s worse is the tree they won’t replace isn’t even what I had ordered.


Hey Janet I’m sorry to hear of your bad luck with Burchell. Did you order from their website or by another means?

Chris - It was Nancy @ the 1800 number on the Burchell website. She was very helpful and super efficient! You may have to find someone local to pick it up and ship it to you. Burchell will not ship. You can also check their retail website for a potted cashmere - tomorrow’s harvest. Burchell is for large commercial orders and tomorrow’s harvest is retail.

Janet - sorry to hear. You only find out how good/bad a business is when you have to deal with returns! I once got a WSR from DWN that didn’t weep - I wrote to Tom Spellman and he immediately confirmed it had regressed and offered to send me a new tree for free! That’s great customer service!!!

Fruitnut - it’s possible it was one great year for the Rapunzel. Let’s wait to see how good it is next year and check on brix as well. It wasn’t just great brix though, it was great brix+great flavor like the honey series!


Burchell seems to have a problem with marking their varieties correctly but they do have some very good fruit options. Honey showers peach and September honey nectarine are two standouts, the first ripening here in early may. The September honey brix was super high for me and the fruit ripens in mid September. My family prefers the more intensely flavored fruit like June pride peach or Flavortop nectarine with a high brix though.


What was the price per tree? What rootstock(s) they are on?

What’s so special about Cashmere? Based on Burchell’s description, it doesn’t stand out.

I wish I could buy Springcrest peach from them, but I’m only small potatoes to them.

Springcrest is an old super early-season peach suitable to eastern conditions that’s all but disappeared.

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Springcrest is widely available here in Cal. I can include a stick into the package of scionwood I’m going to send you in early Feb.

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Please do. That would be fantastic!

Added to my list of fruit trees to try. Now all I need is a bigger lot!!! :slight_smile:

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$20 a tree. They had the trees I wanted only on Nemagaurd. They also have

It’s a good price. Nemaguard, however, is a no go on my heavy clay.

Sure, will do.

I placed the order by phone, and the same woman that took my order was the one that won’t refund me and has been ignoring my emails. They were sold out of the bareroot trees that I had previously ordered, so she sent me a potted tree that was a lot more expensive without my consent, and charged me the extra shipping, which I wouldn’t have paid for one tree. That’s expensive for a 5 gallon potted tree from west to east coast. I understand the gesture was to make sure I had something, but they didn’t contact me beforehand about the upcharge and when the tree arrived withered and died from being a fully leafed out apricot in a box for a week, they are refusing to offer a replacement or a refund. Won’t even return my calls. I don’t know when to give up or just keep trying…

Hi, I am very interested in how each of the varieties you have mentioned are doing for you today. I have extensive experience with the Dave Wilson Nursery varieties but am just getting familiar with the varieties from Burchell Nursery.
thank you
Ed Laivo