Can someone identify this mushroom?


A section of my yard is full of these


You have a big problem on your hands. I can get you an address to FedEx those to so you can get rid of them…


Those are morel mushrooms. You can confirm by picking them and cutting them in half. If they are hollow then they are morels.

Better not tell too many folks about them. They are prized.


I suspected so but wanted confirmation. Thanks!


If you pee near their vicinity, more of them will grow! An old mischievous childhood trick!


Can I simply put a Nitrogen fertilizer instead? My neighbors may not take too kindly to your suggestion.


Lucky you. Very good to eat those mushroom Ram.


Harvested a few


Yeah! Urea is often recommended if you can’t get organic sources.


A cheap lawn fertilizer that is predominantly Urea Nitrogen – and of course not the “weed and feed” variety that contains fungal pesticide!

BTW – total jealousy here. You probably need a greenhouse to grow some of what’s in my garden, and I need an automated greenhouse to produce mushrooms at my location. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I dont use weed/feed fertilizer. I will apply some tomorrow! The rains are expected to be back in the PNW.


Of course it always pays to be very careful when learning about edible fungi. That being said, morels are sooo yummy.



First you get grey morel mushrooms and then you will get blondes later in the season. This haul was from back in 2013.


My favorite part of spring!


Total jealousy.


I’m jealous of you’re gardens every day Richard, glad I could make you envious just once.:joy:


Grow some Black Current and “Eastern Prince” Schisandra berries – I’ll be jealous ever day!


Is it ok if I just say, “DAM”


36.50 Euros a pound! OMG, creamed chicken with white wine and morels!


You guys are KILLING me with these photos!!! I have only lived in the area I’m in now about 6-7 years, so I’m not familiar with any Morel (Dry Land Fish is what we Tennesseans call them) patches. So for the last TWO SPRINGS I’ve hiked countless miles of woods, creek banks, etc looking for these wonderful 'shrooms, and haven’t found a single one!!! I’m not giving up though. I love being in the woods (so does my dog) so I’m fine with going out hunting for them, but darn! It sure would be nice to find some once in a while. Then I see folks like @ramv who have them right in their back yard!!!

BTW, I’ve read several times that Morel’s like to grow in orchards. I have a good bit of rotting mulch around most of my trees so one would think I might get some…but noooooooo! :slight_smile:


Well I do grow both. The Eastern Price is nice. One plant produces over 1000 berries in a few years. It is consistent and fruits every year. I still have plenty dried berries for tea. I’m growing about 7 different black currant cultivars. The grass is always greener on the other side, so we all make do.

Staying on subject at my cottage we have all kinds of edible mushrooms, many varieties. I’m not a mushroom person. Many of my friends are and for a small island many mushrooms are around for the picking. My yard has 2 edible types that come up each year. I forget what they are?