Canadian Strawberry

Has anyone fruited this apple tree yet? I grafted some on a Liberty and hoping to get some in two years. Is it worth it?

We have a couple of trees of this variety and they fruited for the first time last year, no fruit this year though, bad for all our trees all around. In my notes I put “very juicy and tastes good”.


John, did you end up getting any fruit from your Canadian Strawberry this year? If so, what’d you think?

No, the buds fell off. Another year.

Well I finally have some flowers on my grafted tree. Hopefully this year!


John, did you get any fruit set? I finally have a few fruits ripening this year. Really looking forward to trying this one based on the Fedco description.

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My two fruit on CS dropped at a dime size :tired_face:

I still have two bagged. The rest didn’t get pollinated I guess. Weird on a Liberty tree. It attracts a lot of bees because it’s always fruiting. I

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Hmmm maybe there’s a reason this variety isn’t grown widely.

Most of my grafts haven’t fruited much except Hudson’s Golden Gem. So could just be that.

I grafted it either in 2017 or 2018. Bloomed this yet. Set fruit and grew a bit. Then, just dropped. My Irish Peach dropped, too. But isis known to drop a lot of fruit.

I believe you gave me Layton’s Fortune to graft two or three years took, but is still just a little stick. It has an apple on it.

I think it’s called Laxton Fortune. I don’t know where I put that graft on which apple trees.

I have a CS here not doing anything, but I have a LOT of waist-to-shoulder-tall plants…maybe next yr.

Same year and same size smokehouse and Chestnut crab (and Roxbury R) all have fruitlets, so maybe next year will be CS’s time to shine…or at least make a single fruit

Looks like I’m down to one apple

Finally got one. This was picked a week or two early but I only had three and one was recently theived. Very good. Finely grained and crisp. Good balance of sweet tart. Maybe in the McIntosh family but without the thick skin. Hopefully I get to try the other one in another week.


Well at least we will know if it’s a keeper. I have one apple left growing. Hopefully it makes it.

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Both of mine fell off early on. Glad to hear that it tastes good.

I grafted a Canadian strawberry to my Redfree tree this spring. I have since read that they have a very short window when they are good, so don’t wait too long!