Candy Heart Pluerry


These will be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks, there are few hundred of them.


Any luck with your seedlings trial?


Rich those look very delicious. You did a great job of growing them. I wish those were my trees!


Wow…impressive stuff. I have a feeling that fruit would ripen wayyy late around here. Do you grow Flavor King? When does that ripen in your climate?


You’re the most successful growing Candy Heart Rich. Amazing .


The seedling trial is going very well. I tasted one that was riper than the 18 others, a bug ate part of it, brix was 25, flavor was great! It tasted like Candy Heart (syrupy watermelon), with a complex zest to it. The rest should be ready within a couple of weeks.


Flavor King are starting to turn color, they are at least three weeks out, early August.


Great Job Rich. Hopefully one of these days We all will get some woods of your creation!


OK…so they are late’ish even in your area. If i get rid of some trees maybe i’ll add a Candy Heart in the future.


The biggest challenge in your area, many parts of the country, is cold temperatures when blossoming occurs. They blossom early. A solution might be to graft a stick of what I am working on to dwarfing root stock planted in a large pot with wheels. Wheel it into an enclosure for blossom/frost protection when needed and out for the growing season. Just some thoughts.


22 brix.


How is the taste this year for you?