Candy Heart Pluerry

Seems like Candy Heart is very low chill, much less than 800. First pluot/plum to flower. Just starting petal fall but it looks like it wants to set a large amount of fruit. I personally really like this fruit. Flavor King (avg brix 26) beats it in the flavor department, but if eating multiple fruits in one sitting I would rather eat multiple Candy Hearts (avg brix 22) rather than multiple flavor kings. Definitely better than sweet treat for me. Sweet treat is also low chill and sets lots of fruit but i find the flavor inconsistent. Some are good others are pure sweet and some have an earthy flavor that i dont like.

Were you ever able to buy Royal Tioga? I can only find it in Spain and they cannot ship here.

I killed my Inca moving it. I am planting a new one this spring. Can you tell me about the taste and best pollinizers?

As plum-cherry hybrids, do you thin pluerries like plums or let them be, like cherries, or something in between?

I’m thinning based on the size of the fruit, most of these these are basically pluots as far as I can tell. so thin like plums

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I mostly let Nadia be. It seems to space and size the fruits pretty well on its own.

Every year my candy heart blooms like crazy. Never gets pollinated because the rest of my yard is dead asleep. I have several plums and pluots nearby that never seem to be remotely blooming with the candy heart.

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Same story with my ‘Tri-Lite’ peach x plum and later aprium. Both heavy blooms not at the same time, way before any other prunus, and usually before any bees were about.

Graft Spring Satin on a branch, it’s early blooming and 50% Apricot as is Candy heart.

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This probably won’t help presently,but some pollen could be collected from other Plums/Pluots and stored in a freezer and then hand distributed to the Candy Heart,during bloom.

I assume candy heart would not be successful near Minneapolis, zone 4? Sounds delicious.

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@itheweatherman from bloom to harvest, how many days is the candy heart?

@Goyo from bloom to harvest, how many days does it take candy heart?