Candy Heart Pluerry


I have two.


I would not mind trying this one but with limited space I cannot. If Nadia is a dud I may try it. I’m happy though with most of my selections. Each tree the first time they fruited gave over 20 fruits, and have a potential for over 200. I really don’t need thousands of fruits, even though I have 9 trees. I would rather add other types of fruit. Honeyberries, black currants etc. A thousand blueberries sounds just about right!
Any reports on the taste of this one? Does it taste anything like a cherry?


I have a hard time imagining it will have any cherry flavor. It just looks way too much like a plum or pluot. I imagine it will be similar to sweet treat. Nadia on the other hand actually looks more promising but as you said we don’t know if it will be a dud yet. Early accounts of fruit set does not seem encouraging.


I will try to contact the owner pluerry photos, will ask the taste of the fruit, if you have heartburn, fruit size and if you have good production


today I received some information about this hybrid:

“flavor of Candy Heart isn´t very sweet because I picked it not complet maturing, I thought It was like Flavor King , but shape is like a heart and weight 50 or 60 gramme , it has amber flesh and skin navy blue very dark. And very prolific bearer .Neither is acidic.”


Candy Heart Pluerry is going to be patented as “Sweet Pixie 5,” according to a post from DWN forums.


royal Tioga cherry already is selling in Spain, this photo is facebook Marian soria nurseries ,I will buy this variety next year


I have hardly ever had a fruit tree produce in only 4 years. If you put something else in its place, it will just be another several year wait. I would say wait to at least taste the fruit to decide whether to axe it. Maybe graft a few items to it, too, so all the root growth doesn’t go to waste. Patience, patience!


Northwoods, in my zone, things produce much more quickly :slight_smile: If I were still living in zone 5B, I would agree with you. But this tree not only didn’t produce, it barely flowerd. Whereas, ALL my other trees (and for stone fruits/pomes, that’s about 40 or 50 other cultivars) have at least flowered, and the majority of those have borne fruit by year 4 or earlier. Also, this tree’s growth habit has been weak in comparison out of the gate. Lastly, with the price of water out here, and the fact that I have limited space (an acre, which in my area, is actually quite a lot), every spot in my orchard must “earn its keep”. With so many really, really great cultivars out there, I’d rather pull out those that are under performers, and replace them with more promising better performers. EVERYTHING else has outperformed this cultivar, so it’s out, and Candy Heart gets to have a chance :slightly_smiling:

Patty S.


Here are some updated photos after one month. The tree has grown nicely, the fruit is larger than the size of a ping pong ball. There are two smaller ones in the tree still developing.


I just got a notice from UPS saying Raintree Nursery is sending a 16lb package to be delivered on Monday. I hope my Nadia is in it. It should have 14 trees in it if they sent everything at once.


14 trees? Wow…nice

I think my Nadia is coming. I’m excited most about that. They are also sending a replacement from last year===speckled egg …


Ten are rootstocks, One nadia, one Sweet Treat, one Evens, and one Crimsons Passion. I have three honey berry bushes and six romance cherry bushes coming from Honey berry farms too. I’ve planted a goji, two honeyberry bushes, and two saskatoons. The goji Is dead they are putting me on a list for replacement for next year.


I planted a Candy Heart this year along with a Sweet Treat. It is very vigorous, thus far, but I would never try for fruit in the first year. Being in California, I’m hoping I don’t have these issues some have had, but…yeah, I’m in California, zone 9. I do hope it has some cherry taste in there, but from those pictures, it looks more like my Santa Rosa (which I’m going to have to remove next year due to my poor care of it and its poor production as a result).


Can anybody give me a recommendation as to what pluerry to plant next year? Candy Heart, sweet treat, sugar twist? which one should I go with and why?


I’ve not heard anyone rave about sweet treat so in mind opinion trying candy heart or the new twist would be worth the risk.


Sweet Treat Pluerry.


Sean, I’ve had Sweet Treat in my yard now for going on 3rd fruit season. It is okay. Not outstanding. I have a large crop this year, so hopefully quality will be improved. Candy Heart is brand new - no one has had a taste of it yet (unless you’ve been to a DWN taste testing tour). And, we’re all anxiously waiting to see how Nadia does. Fruitnut say it’s decent, but needs to do more tasting and testing. I would be inclined to take the risk with either Candy Heart or Nadia, over Sweet Treat, personally, and I have one of each now growing in my orchard, so we’ll see next year, hopefully, in comparison to Sweet Treat.

Patty S.


Here are some photos of the Candy Heart ripening progress. The first photo was taken last week, the bottom one taken today. They are scheduled to be fully ripe by mid August according to the tag on the tree. Two smaller ones are in the tree, hidden from view.


Nice to try some fruit the first year. Let us know how well you like them and how the flavor is.