Candy Heart Pluerry


Thanks John.

I will compare this to Satsuma, Burgundy, and Sweet Treat which will bear fruit around the same time frame.
I have never tasted Sweet Treat before I bought one from a local nursery last month with about 10 fruit on it.
It is doing well so far. Satsuma and Burgundy will be the baseline as far as taste goes. Hopefully the Candy Heart taste will be superior but we know how the first Nadia (which I am also growing) taste tests went down. I vow to be patient and not pick this fruit before its time!


Man those look great. Looks like it has some real size to it.


The Zaigers have a plum x cherry hybrid that looks like a big cherry but with the skin of Candy Heart pluerry.


When is that one coming out?


I asked DWN staff if they have any plans to release the cherrum in the near future, and they said no.


That’s because they want to get everyone with the current releases to make more money then they will release it to make everyone buy more trees. If they release to many at once some will skip buying. That’s my opinion. Of course they might need time and space to propagate, and see if the tree is worthy.


Hi Ulises,

Thanks for sharing your response from DWN. My cherries seem to always have problems: this year fruit flies, last year lack of chill hours, the year before raccoons, birds etc. Plums grow much more vigorously. My hope is that at least one of these hybrids will bridge the gap, the robustness of growing a plum with the taste of a cherry (a Bing preferably).


If you want to see what the fruit looks like, on googke, Type, " It’s a name game with hybrids." LaTimes.

Then on the article, click on, “Photos: Check out this crazy hybrid fruits.”


For my plum x cherry hybrids, I plan to use my Proprietary Krauter Vesuvious Myrobalan Plum x Mariposa Plum, Burgundy Plum, Unknown Green plum; Rainier Cherry, Stella Cherry, and Bing cherry.


That all sounds good.


That fruit looks good too. I like the apple mango in the next picture also.


Do you have more update about your candy heart for now Rich?


Hi Vincent and everyone,

I patiently waited, and finally harvested the Candy Heart Pluerry (see photos).
It was definitely worth the wait! I did not want to pick it too soon
or too late. Mid-early August seems like the right time to harvest this
fruit. My tree only got about 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.
I live in Northern California/Silicon Valley. We have not had any rain
since May. I only watered the tree when the leaves started to droop.

Candy Heart has a long hang time, I had to pull hard to pick thie fruit.
Elephant plums drop off my tree way too soon by comparison.

Very nice taste! no typical plum tartness, except for the skin (if you eat it alone).
It has a pleasant melt in your mouth taste, not too mushy or overly soft. It is similar
to a somewhat soft sweet cherry but on a much larger fruit as far as texture goes. The taste is
just about perfect, pleasant, not too strong sort of watermellon like as far as flavor concentration
goes (without the granularity). It is much more tender than a Burgundy plum. It is like one of those
rare fruits that you can keep on eating, unlike most plum/pluots, my opinion.

It does have a plum-cherry taste. It is MUCH better than Sweet Treat or Very Cherry
Plum. I do not know about Nadia, my tree has not grown fruit yet.

The Brix reading came out slightly above 23. Not too sweet, just right in my opinion.

It is one of the very best plum/pluots that I have ever tasted, no sourness or sweet/sour taste like
an Elephant or Satsuma plum. Pleasant, tender, not over powering, or too plum like in taste. You can
taste cherry, not Bing, more like a Lapins or yellowish cherry mixed in. It is right up there with a
good peach, and would make an excellent fruit salad addition. It does not taste artificial or fruit punch like.
This fruit will make an excellent jam.

Like a good watermellon, the taste says Summer all over it. It tastes very much like a new variety of fruit.

This is a real winner! Sweet Treat Pluerry is very mediocre by comparison, my opinion.
I am very happy with Candy Heart and am looking forward to a much larger harvest next season!

I have no association with DWN.


Thanks for the taste result. I may have to jump on this variety next Spring.



Thanks for the update.




Thank you so much Rich, sound is very excited to me, hopefully my candy heart will have some fruits next year.
And can I ask how is elephant heart plum taste to you. I have 1 but still in container and finding room for it. Thank again for updated, I have been waited for long time. You were the 1st one in all of us to taste candy heart pluerry.


Elephant Heart Plum tastes like a very sweet Dapple Dandy Pluot.


Thank you Ulises. I will look for to buy Dapple Dandy Pluot this summer to taste.
Do you like it a lot? How about Very cherry Plum?
I like to order 1 more Candy Heart Pluerry from Raintree and plant it in container and will
replace some one not very good later.


I love Dapple Dandy Pluots from the farmers market so much that I decided to plant one in a pot two years ago. This year it had a good crop but the flavor wasn’t good. So next year, I will be planting it into the ground. I hope that the flavor of the fruit improves once I plant it into the ground.