Candy Heart Pluerry


I love verry cherry plums, but unfortunately, the trees are only available for commercial growers.


You can plant very cherry plum from seedling.


thanks for the review on the fruit. i was curious if this fruit was any good. i have the sweet treat and its nothing to write about.


Last year, my Sweet Treat Pluerries were outstanding, but this year, they tasted like store bought fruit. Well, some of them were good, but not as good as last year. I think the problem was that I let the tree over crop.


I forgot about this second Candy Heart Pluerry thread, since this topic has more views and more comments than the other Candy Heart Pluerry thread, let’s keep our discussions on this one?


Hey everyone,

My candy heart pluerries are beginning to blossom. I did an experimental three inch long scion graft to an elephant heart plum last February, look at the result! Please don’t call the Fruit Police from SF or they will make me chop it down! I grafted a Candy Heart scion last year in case the original tree died off. Cherry trees grow very slowly, 6 to 8 inches per year, or less in my yard or die off. There was a two for the price of one fruit tree sale in San Jose last fall. I purchased a large specimen,potted with fruit spurs, see photo, and just grafted a burgundy scion to it. . I am a firm believer in grafting and recently went to two Bay Area scion exchanges, in San Jose and Berkeley. Candy Heart Pluerries are doing very well so far!


I’m finding out that Candy Heart is a vigorous grower. Brady


I’m going to get a lot of blossoms on my Candy Heart this year, for sure. I don’t expect much fruit, though, since it’s only its second leaf. Good to know it’s vigorous. I have it next to my Inca and Elephant Heart and those are pretty dang vigorous, too.


I just checked Bay Laurel Nursery and it appears that they have Candy Heart Pluerry in stock.


Also available at Raintree nursery as well C359 $29.95 Spring shipping.


False alarm. I accidentally confused Candy Heart Pluerry with Sugar Twist Pluerry. Aghhh!


I took a couple pics of my one year in the ground Candy Heart today. I didn’t get any fruit last year, it was just a 3/8" caliper whip. It grew out pretty good for being on citation. It’s about 5ft tall, has a nice structure and is going to be loaded with blossoms. If they’re half as good as RichSV says they are, I’ll be a happy camper!


Looks like a very nice tree Steve! I bought one yet to be shipped. I hope mine looks that good next year. You have some nice crotch angles on your branching. Did you tie them down last year?


No, I didn’t have to. That’s just how it grew.


Naturally wide crotch angle = huge plus.


Here’s my tree. It’s petite but is loaded. One of the scaffolds is a Flavor King for pollination.


Man perfectly shaped tree. Nice work! Let us know how this one tastes.



My candy heart 2/21/17.


Looks like your tree is going straight up. Are you going to prune the top to get a vase form or pull it down?



Hi Tony. It grew only 1 branch really tall last year. I will make decision after how it does next summer.