Can't believe I did something so stupid

My story from today. I’m carefully cutting a branch off with a razor saw and my mind goes,“If you keep cutting that branch like that, the saw will end up in your finger.” You can guess where the saw ended up.

hahaha…that’s how it always is for me. You see it coming, you’re pretty sure your going to get hurt, but of course, proceed anyway.
Need any stitches? You do still have your finger…right?

Oh man. Been there.

For me it was my husband as that warng voice of reason. Did I listen? Nope.
The first day I started doing benchgrafts (3-26) I stuck the knife in my knuckle. Three stitches, and a couple weeks later I could put my wedding band back on.
It sure didn’t slow my grafting down any.

I hope you have a speedy and uneventful recovery chikn.

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most of us have this serious intent to graft, but sometimes the very act will require that we receive one.

Just a scratch, but in your mind’s eye you see it coming a mile away

I’m glad to hear that it was just a scratch and embarrassment. Maybe it was just enough to make you react to your mental warnings next time. That could be a good thing.