Cant find the Lounge?


I just noticed today that I no longer have access to the lounge. Anyone know why that is?


You need to keep up a certain level of activity to keep the access. We lengthened the time a lot (to 1000 days) before you could get demoted but the system will demote people after that period if they are not at the activity level needed.

That said it seems a bit heavy-handed the way the thing works. I put you back at level 3 as you were meeting nearly all the criteria anyway.


OK thanks Scott!


I seemed to have been booted from the lounge also.


Hmm, it looks like the requirements are to read a certain % of the posts. As the traffic has gone up it is getting harder to do that % we had so I lowered it a bit and you now qualify for re-promotion. You will be let back in soon!

Note that there appears to be a bug that a few people are not properly getting back in. I am going to rebuild the site soon which should fix that.