Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


Just dont space them too close together. Mine are like 5 years old and over 12’ tall already. I still see recommendations to plant them 6’ apart, and that might be fine if you want a hedge in a few years. Id plant at least 8 and maybe 10ft apart if you plant to irrigate and fertilize them.


We do want a sort of privacy hedge @TheDerek . Hubby would rather not see the neighbor’s porch light at night. 6 feet was the original plan, even considering they might get 12 feet tall…or more. He was thinking about planting Wichita Blue Junipers until we read about these cherries. We greatly prefer edible landscaping. We prefer the view of plants and trees over houses too.
The cherry bushes seem to like it here. We even had a few cherries on the larger CJ this year.


My CP has lost so many branches to some kind of gummosis related problem that there is barely anything of it left. The Carmine Jewels that went in the ground the same year are now substantial bushes and I anticipate getting a decent little crop from the next year. The CP is barely more than a sad, sick-looking stick.


That sounds like bacterial canker. I would spray some fungicide before you lose too much.


A big :-1:on Crimson Passion from me as well, mine (planted last year) bit the dust this winter. But, my Juliet is well over 5ft tall now. I weeded, fertilized and mulched it recently, and noticed it’s sending up new shoots from the base. The Romeo is doing OK, maybe 2ft tall now, but it was considerably smaller than the Juliet when planted last year. I gave about 10ft between them two, so that should be plenty of space.


I have treated it with fungicide and it hasn’t helped. (the same issue arose on my Carmine Jewels but the fungicide was 100% effective for them)

I think CP is just a dud in an otherwise great line of cherries.


I suspect they needed to send out a couple of CP bushes to a plant scientist in every state in the US prior to release and they would have figured that out. It’s likely that in Canada they did just that and the were ok at difference provinces there. People don’t do their homework anymore but rather rush to make money so they can make more imports or develop more plants. I see both sides and I’ve advised people be patient so that CP has time to shine but if your treating both types of bushes for disease and it’s ate up with canker it’s definately not for you! I would cut the roots off to the main trunk and graft it over to carmine jewell or pull it all together if it’s a canker carrier. Carmine jewell was not tested well either but it exceeded expectations.


Fixed my cp today! Fence in background is about 5.5 ft. Never got a cherry off the dam thing.



They did say that it is difficult to get this one to fruit. They do show pictures with cherries on the bushes. I think their tasters liked the flavor and sweetness of them and thought we would too. Why license and certify this bush when they could have done Cupid for the US? That’s what I don’t get.


My Romeo is smaller too. They say it’s a lot like CJ but ripens later.


I suspect the flavor is incredible in Canada and size of cherries are good. Carmine Jewell did not start out strong here the first couple of years it was a high care bush but then it pulled out of it. My guess is CP would some day pull out of it in certain locations. I do think they rushed to get them all to market because these little cherry bushes are huge money makers! By importing the series they likely made millions.they brought in carmine jewell first and people went crazy over it! They are going crazy over Juliet etc. . Can you imagine the importer is getting $50 per bush . When I got carmine jewell which was the year it was imported the first time I paid $35 for a 4 inch bush and it was worth every penny I spent. The CP breeders and producers knew it’s limitations “Slower growing, less vigorous than the other varieties the first year, but seem to grow well once established in many locations.“ just by them saying that I knew it might not do great in Kansas


Fixed it! LOL! I love it!


I got to taste my last CJ cherry. It was semisweet with cherry flavor. Tasted like I need a hundred more. Now I’m waiting for next year. It will be year four for my bushes. They got trimmed a bit on the sides from the deer. I need to expand my cages.


Okay,I checked my refractometer and it seemed to test fine.I found a remaining CJ Cherry and tasted a little of it before taking a measurement.The flavor was was not as sweet,like the first one with a 22+ brix reading and yes,it was only 15.
I found the last one near the bottom of the bush,hidden by some leaves,but it was fairly dark and soft.The earlier ones were near the top,with more sunlight exposure. Brady


Does anyone here have any experience with how Juliet compares to CJ from a disease susceptibility standpoint?


I cut this branch/truck off one of my Carmine Jewels yesterday… it was right near the ground and had made a puddle of sap. Disappointing.


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So my new cherry stoner definitely doesnt work with Carmine Jewel… Now I need to decide if I should keep it with the hope that it will work on Juliet and/or Romeo in the future?


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