Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


Considering doing a new planting this next year but I will keep you posted. I would love to have 1-3 acres in the ground of carmine jewell.


How would u harvest and use that much cherries?


Have you considered growing out any seedlings of Carmine Jewell and seeing how they work out?


There is a very large juice company that’s buys all my fruit. In addition to them about half a dozen wineries desperately need cherries. I’ve not decided what I will do yet for the planting.


oh nice, do you know what $/lb you can get for them approximately? Do you have access to a mechanical harvester? For wine, do they pit the cherries or leave pits in until it is pressed?

This is where I got my haskap from this spring. Prices are reasonable and are in canadian. Right now it figures to about $2.70 plus shipping / plant.


They can ship to the USA? I know some Canadian companies can and others cannot.


some plants they can. shows on their site… shipping isn’t cheap but still it’s much cheaper than buying at retail prices.


As spring quickly approaches and the long cold winter winds down i continue to sip last years harvest and look forward to the new year and an abundant harvest. We are down to the last few gallons of the rich carmine jewell cherry juice these bushes produce in such abundance.

For now im waiting on things to thaw out. As you can see the carmine jewell’s are still sleeping for a short time longer.

If you decide to only grow one type of stone fruit i highly recommend you chose this one. Nothing in my experience can rival these cherry bushes.


nice to know. i have i carmine jewel , 2 juliet, a montmorency and just ordered a lutkowa to put in this spring. all are 2nd leaf this year but are already 3-4ft. i can’t wait for cherries!


My two carmine jewels came in today from Stark Bros


Clark, di you buy all yours or did you use suckers or root cuttings. I think you mentioned this once, but I forget.


Bought them originally but now i have some spreading out and reproducing for me through suckers. This year i bought some Juliets and have heard they are the same way suckering in year 4-5. I dont have extra suckers right now. Just like a plum tbicket they do reproduce.


Shaping up to be a huge crop!


That’s the look of prosperity in the air. Man your bushes are getting big. I can see even the suckers are big. Then again I have been looking at an awful lot of my bushes which are quite smaller. I can see lots of flower buds, and I bet the picture doesn’t compare to what your seeing in person.


Yes feeling very blessed and fortunate! Canada has done a lot of hard work growing hardy varities of pears & cherries and for that im very thankful! Most of the best of what i have came from Canada.


You know there is a large Ca. co that you can buy trees from at wholesale prices that ships to the US. You can buy romance bushes I think it starts at $10 per bush if four are bought. The minimum order is $200 though plus a $15 dollar customs fee. I was going to call them but never did to see if they can sell Cupid. You probably have enough trees though.


Thanks @Johnnysapples im going to contact a nursery here and see if they want to split an order with me. We will see if i can get cupid. That seems cheap for a customs fee / import fee.


If you can get Cupids, could I please be on your “nice” list? :wink:


Yes @mamuang let me talk with the nursery and see if they can import those to the United States legally. When a nursery can ship to the US the trees come with a phytosanitary certificate. Years ago when carmine jewell was grown in Canada and we didnt have it yet an importer liscense was required as well which was thousands of dollars. The large nurseries imported them because they had the money and the time to do it.


I don’t know if you found this page:

  • the minimum order size for US destinations is $200 CAD
  • you must order by phone by calling 1-844-873-3700 (our website cannot process orders that will be shipping outside of Canada)
  • import and export controls prevent us from shipping some species outside of Canada (our staff will be help to tell you which species may leave Canada)
  • live plants leaving Canada must be inspected by a government official (you will be charged $15 for this inspection on smaller orders)
  • your order may be subject to additional shipping fees

Call us at 1-844-873-3700 if you are interested in making a purchase from outside of Canada—it’s much easier than it sounds.