Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


I see now that we can not get these. If you click on the romance bushes anyone look to the right in small print it says ships to the US no. I thought they did ship these because they say on the US shipping page US customers are particularly fond of our sour cherries that has a link to the sour cherries with the romance bushes. I’m sorry to get your hopes up but other bushes and trees do.


You might want to still call. Every sour tree that the page list for US customers to be fond of says no on shipping so I’m confused. Maybe because it’s the website and it says to call.


I added a Cupid to my cart and when I put my US zip code in the “call us” came up. So I think they will ship 'em, they could have just said “no” at that point.


Please let us know if it’s mission accomplished.

All I want from the Romance series are Juliet and Cupid.


But then Cupid will have to be constantly hearing Juliet asking,"O Romeo,Romeo,wherefore art thou Romeo?"bb


not cupid but check out lutowka polish morello cherry on its a bigger cherry than juliet and the most commercially grown cherry in europe. i too wanted cupid but i think this one will deliver just as well for less money. i have one coming in in may.


It does not say anything about how it tastes. I wonder if they are grown mainly for processing. I prefer fresh eating cherries and less sour :smile:


not a issue with me as i prefer tart cherries over sweet anyway but ill do a search and see if i can find any fruit brix info. on them.


just emailed H.B. they told me lutowka is much larger, slightly sweeter than C.J and more vigorous. they have shot strait with me with questions about their plants in the past so I’m inclined to believe them.:wink:


I like HBUSA. I bought CJ when they first sold it exclusively. I managed to killed both. At the time, those plants were 6-8” tall. It gave me nightmare to baby such babies :smile:


I bought six romance bushes from them at that size four years ago. Now they range from 2.5’ to 5’ tall.


i have 2 juliet and 1 CJ from them. i must have got lucky as they were all about 18in. when i planted them early last spring. were over 30in.with many new branches by fall. they like our cool summers here. i got a montmorency on clearance from tsc that was dead except i bud. i cut off the dead wood and planted it in early may and it grew to nearly 5ft. from that 1 sprout!


I called and he said that they can not ship cherries to the US.



Well at least that’s settled.


Thanks for following up.

@Bradybb, I think Cupid was the one causing all the bloody mess to R&J. He should have not drawn his bow :smile:


I asked him about the comment on the US sales, ( Our American customers are particularly fond of our selection of Sour Cherries, Sea Buckthorn, Saskatoons—which they call Juneberry—and our very favorable exchange rate.) He said he didn’t know it said that. That they would have to change the website. He did state that when you click on a product the shipping to US to the right has to say yes.


Carmine jewell are really gorgeous bushes!


can’t wait until mine are that big.


What is the proper spacing on these? I have some coming in a couple weeks.


depends if you want a hedge or individual bushes. I planted mine too close together. They will grow fast if you fertilize them. Id do at least 10’ spacing…