Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


Carmine Jewell is really looking great now!


wow! you’re going to be up to your ears in cherries! I’m jealous!


What’s at the end of the row with red blooms? Everything looks great, lots of flowers! How tall are they now Ten to twelve foot?


I’m ok with something between a hedge and individual spacing. I would like them somewhat close to each other so I can cover them more easily. Although, if I had as much coming as clarkinks, I would have enough to share with the birds!


Yes carmine jewell are about 12’ in the tallest spots. Those trees with pink blooms are a flat wonderful peach and a contender peach. Have several other reliance peaches close by.


Would it not work well to keep Carmine Jewell cherry bushes pruned to a smaller size, for ease of picking and netting if not for other reasons, too?


I had 4 CJ that were near 12’ tall also, dug 2 out last year and cut the other 2 down to about 4ft this spring, will be interesting to see how they react to that! They were shading my apple trees and I have other CJs in another location so dont need that many cherries…


Wish I could grow peaches! I have tried contender and reliance without much luck :frowning:


Will you pick all of those yourself? Do you make juice or something? That is a LOT of cherries. I have just the one tree of CJ and i think that is enough. Must be bees everywhere?


Clark! Hi! Do these cherries (the bush varieties) really taste like Montmorency or more like Mirabelles? Thanks!


They have a better flavor than montmorency in my opinion!


I’m sure they would be super easy to keep small. I on the other hand am excited to see them so big, I need to get them above my deer. It’s going to be several more years but they will get there eventually.


I hear that! They need to get pretty tall. I expanded my cages this year because they have grown. Next year I might just run a fence all the way around the area that they grow in but large enough to pick them. Right now it’s going to be a pain to pick anything but easier to keep birds out.


one of my cj that i cut back severely…


is that a tamarack ( eastern larch) in the fabric pot under it? i have a well trimmed one on my front lawn. i put lights on it for xmas. needles are a nice deep yellow color in late oct., 2 weeks after the rest of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves. i love to go into pure stands of it just as their needles drop. like walking on a carpet of solid yellow.


I dont remember what it is, they were giving them out last year at a memorial day thing we attended… Its not very happy, I have been neglecting it.


if it looses its needles in the fall its a tamarack. :wink:


Carmine Jewell fruitlets are forming! Petal fall has came and went!


Same for mine, maybe two weeks ahead of you… and of course fewer and smaller bushes.


These are some growing in the old chicken yard. They are heavy feeders and you can tell that just by the progression of the fruitlets. The soil is pure clay so the bushes are shorter.