Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age


Do you spray any pesticide at this point? And which pesticides do you spray


My Romeo and carmine jewels are now in full bloom. However, I have this CJ sucker that I let grow near the parent plant. Is is probably 3 years old now and fruiting. But, it is blooming significantly behind the parent CJ and my other CJ’s. In the picture below you can see the sucker plant showing some color and the parent plant behind it in full bloom. I am confident it is a CJ sucker because nothing was fruiting at the time to have a volunteer seed. Is this related to age? The parent plant is about 5 years old and both are about 7ft.


Yes. I have it under control for the moment Sour Cherry Leaf Spot . It will come back but no spray was used or needed last year. Immunox/captan mix is what i use for fungicide.


Is there zero curc damage on these?


I hatched out some chickens for the grandkids and I have been rolling up the news papers in their cage every day and burying them under the mulch by my Juliet. I hope it really pushes a bunch of growth this year.


thats good to know they are growing in pure clay. my whole yard is rocky clay so i grow in raised beds or mounds now. they should grow great here. I’m sure the ones i planted last year have put down roots into my native soil by now.


Flys are an issue if the season is pushed to late but they are done in June in many cases. The insects typically show up when we pick the last of them. Keep in mind we were so dry last year fungus could not live.


I have not experienced any and I certainly have curc in my back yard because they go after my plums like crazy. Maybe they just prefer plums and pass on the cherries?


That’s good to know. I have a Rainier that gets a few pc bites. I’m still waiting for fruit on my cherry bushes, and I planted them away from my orchard. Well, kind of away, my whole backyard is starting to turn into an orchard.


PC might go for anything including blueberries but at my location they love plums


If there was only a way to make pc extinct!



loved that movie!


That’s too funny!


Chop Rite Cherry Stoner #16

It WILL NOT work with carmine jewel, I havent had a chance to try it with romeo or juliet yet, hopefully this year. I purchased one new to use with carmine jewel and was very disappointed in the results. I called them and it is not designed for cherries with small pits in its current form.

I do think it COULD work with some minor modifications and I have been in contact with Jenna who works there trying to get them to fabricate a new spinner for the middle part that is slightly thicker to allow it to separate CJ pits from the flesh. I think it would be relatively easy to fabricate. She said she would talk to some of their machine guys and get back to me, but hasnt yet, its been a few months. I think if they knew there was a market for a pitter for CJ, they might invest some time in creating one but we NEED TO LET THEM KNOW! I strongly encourage anyone who would like a pitter for carmine jewel to email her and let her know what we need/want…

Jenna Saeger :


The rain is really making the cherries size up fast!


Wow, that’s a lot of cherries!


you’re going to have to hire the migrant workers to pick all those! are they all carmine jewell?


Planting Juliet also this year. My family, friends and I get them all picked but its a lot of work. I enjoy that kind of work! Nothing better than seeing the buckets fill up! After i’ve picked 5 or 6 gallons at once i stop loving it that day though lol.


my carmine jewel and juliet are the same age so i should be able to compare them when they fruit. I’m hoping i get a few next year.