Carrick pear

So far unimpressive but disease resistant and easy to grow. This is my first pear of Carrick it was not ripe. Today is September 24th and it fell off in my hand. It would likely need a couple weeks to ripen inside. Though the pear is not terribly interesting the ripening date could be of value. It ripens during a slow time so one tree might be worthwhile growing. Seeds are not viable. Overall appears it will be a lower quality easy to grow pear typical of a canning pear. Detected an off flavor I didn’t care for but in future years we will know more. The first year of and an unripe pear is not a good indicator yet.


This pear is fast to produce and its productive but it’s to early to know what the real merit of this pear is. Today is April 7th and one notable quality is the blooms are not fully open as shown below.

Comparing it with improved Kieffer shown below you can see it avoids earlier freezes slightly better. Improved Kieffer is one of the first group to open typically

This type of data for these types of pears is very difficult to get if it can even be had I have not found it.


These are the fruitlets

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This pear is very disease resistant but there is really no other reason to recommend this variety. It is sour and lacking any complexity in flavor. Today is September 25th.


Hopefully they are better tasting this year. This is a graft only i did not grow a tree of these.