Carter's Blue

Has anyone here fruited the Carters Blue? Sounds like a great apple, especially for warmer zones.


I’d like to try it here as it’s an AL apple and that’s where I’m at. It does seem to ripen in the hot part of the year here so not sure what that does to quality. I’d love to hear some first hand reports.

I thought about trying this apple as well. I am in Ohio and I am not sure it would ripen well here either.

I’ve had it for a few years now, but no fruit yet. I feel like it’ll end up being excellent or bland.

I grew it here in Northern California. It was a handsome apple and it produced well, but its flavor here was unremarkable. I suspect that it needs more heat than we get here on the coast to reach its potential. I’ve since grafted over it.


Finally got a taste of Carter’s Blue. I’d say it’s a good all-around apple. Nothing remarkable, but I was happy to eat it and look forward to eating a bunch more. Plus it seemed to do well as far as disease and pests go.


TY for updating this thread with your photo and review of the Carter’s Blue.

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Yes as Mike said thank you for the update! Any info is helpful on some of these rare varieties. When did it ripen for you there?

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Just a few days ago. Although, I probably should have given it another week or two, or given it more than a day in the fridge.

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My friend Larry Stephenson (Southern Culture Apples) grows and sells a huge list of rare Southern heritage apple trees and is an authority on them. Highly recommend a chat with Larry if interested in old Southern apples:

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Where is your friend located?

Steve can correct me if I’m wrong but I think he’s located somewhere in Mississippi. He has two large orchards. One just south of the Tennessee line, I believe that’s what he told me but I’ve slept since then. He sells many varieties but only grafts on seedling rootstock. Great guy with a wealth of knowledge. His selection is fabulous and sells more than just apples as well. All the trees he sold me are doing very well. He gets an A+ rating from me.

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Carrolton, Mississippi

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Thank you for this information. Very helpful.

He only puts them on seeding rootstocks? They get about 25-30’ tall?

Yep exactly. But they sure grow with great vigor. They seem to grow about twice as fast as a similar tree on M111. I think if you have the space it’s the way to go. They handle weather extremes a lot better to. Here in Arizona it’s a nice advantage.