Che and jujube

Has anyone here had any luck propagating these from cuttings? If so what was your methods please?

I am wanting to purchase many more plants but doing so will surely put me in the poor house.

I just took delivery of 4 che varieties which are Ct early, Ct Late, a seedless and California dreaming. They were mailed from Englands Orchard and Nursery and look very healthy.

Ive already planted 2 seedless ( E-bay purchase ) some months ago which are doing fantastic and am waiting for a single male che plant to arrive thru the mail. ( again E-bay )

As far as Jujube I have a ling and a lang purchased from Trees of Antiquity and the plants they sent were spectacular and again appear to be doing fantastic after being in the sand for a couple months now.

I have a jujube un marked seedling, bought it locally.



Welcome 1930 !

I have a Che and a couple JuJube (started last spring)… my JuJube are Shanx Li, and GA866.

My Che was purchased from Englands Orchard & Nursery… it is very small still but last year it’s first year a hard late frost almost did it in… It is basically a 3 ft tall whip now, and on it’s 2nd year. Hopefully it will grow some this year.

No idea how to propagate them but I bet others here will help you on that.

Jujubes are a little weird to prune too… they just sort of grow funky. The new growth on them is such bright green and shiny it almost does not look real. I was checking mine out today on my lunch hour.

Good Luck !


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I ordered a GA866 from Gurneys, waited months for its arrival and just kept getting put off, finally they told me they couldnt fill my order.

I think they knew that from the get go but were trying to get me to order more plants from them as they barraged me with discount codes for more plants after I placed my initial order.

Ive never tasted a jujube or a che fruit, mixed reviews on the net, I dont really care if they taste poorly, I just like having oddball stuff and from what Ive read these 2 plants should do fantastic in my desert like soil.

Thank you for the welcome

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Some plants are hard to propagate from cuttings. You could try layering or grow out seeds from these trees and use seedlings as rootstocks and graft your cuttings on them. I have never tasted either of these fruits but have young jujube trees. Many here say some like Honey Jar are excellent

There is one person here, @tonyOmahaz5 who had some luck rooting jujubes:

I think most people fail though. I don’t know about Che. I grew it and found the fruit insipid, no sourness at all.

Gurneys is not that smart. They just send a ton of discount codes to any and everyone they can find. They are not the most reliable nursery. But, I have gotten nice trees from them some years.


1930, another one you might want to add to your sandy soils list is Black Wolfberry (black goji berry). Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds sells it (and many other cool things)

Thanks for the comments/suggestions. I will look into the Black Wolfberry for sure, I leave today for my vacation to my property, no internet to speak of, my comments may be sparse for the next 10 days.

I honestly believe that how a fruit tastes is gonna have alot to do with the soil its living in and the nutrients it absorbs. I dont think that asking online how someone elses fruit tastes would be an accurate determining factor of how our own fruit might taste.


Che is very easy to propagate by cuttings but you may not want to. Che on its own roots is eventually very invasive and will send up suckers 20 feet away from the tree and the suckers will have nasty 2-4 inch thorns. The suckers can form thickets. If you want che, it’s better to graft it on Osage orange.

I’d heard this, also, from a guy in Louisiana, who’d seen a thicket of Che on-its-own-roots… said you’d need a bulldozer to go through that thorny mess.


Got a pic of my two jujube today.

I propagated several more raspberry plants this morn… started a new bed… they are taking over… and I like it :slight_smile:



Thanks for all the replies. Im glad I was able to see the pict now using mcdonalds internet.

I have to drive 7 miles to get this reliable signal so I may not be able to respond again for several days.

Ive made an early video of my property and all my work. It can be found on youtube if you type in 073property.

I have planted many more trees since its making and I will make another video of that and post a link before I leave here at the end of the week.

Cancelled mine too
Only got the LI
Imma try and get a scion next year of another jujube
LI is self pollinating but I want 2

39th parallel sent me some awesome rootstock for jujube this year. I know it was a bad year for them due to freezes but England’s appears to normally have a great selection of grafted jujubes.

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I thought 39th parallel was an apple/pear nursery.

They do primarily sell apple and pear but have a few other things. Mike sent me some ~5 ft tall jujube very well packed and healthy looking (for a very fair price).


Can you share your method here please? Im wanting something that would take a bulldozer to penetrate. Thank you

Can you please share your method of propagating the che?

Just stuck cuttings in the ground. I didn’t even use any rooting hormones.
After about 20 years it will take a bulldozer to get through it

I would have never guessed it that easy, Im looking for something that will require a bulldozer to get thru. Thanks

Not everyone finds it to be that easy, but I’ve tried to root a lot of different types of trees and che is probably easiest after willows.