Jujube green cuttings rooting success


Here are the green jujube cuttings dipped in power rooting hormone and covered each cutting with a clear plastic cup for a good humidity condition and after two plus months that they’re definitely alive and well.
So it was a success trialed. There you go. Try it.


Li, Autumn Beauty, Orange Beauty, Shanxi Li, and Honey Jar trialed so far.


Nice going, Tony! I had tried this method on jujube without success…but I don’t believe I gave it an honest effort.


Great job! Jujube rootstocks are hard to find so this will help lots of people! I have better luck rooting things with clonex rooting gel instead of powder which might help someone else to get a higher number of clones rooted successfully. I don’t do that many clones so lots of people who do may get as many takes with powder as I do with rooting gel.


I kept the green cuttings in partial shade the last 2 1/2 months and now I’m introduced them to full sun.


I remember when you told us you started it…you’ll have to give me instructions again: when to cut, size of wood, etc. I may try some next year.

I had a rootstock that had a bunch of little suckers. I took them apart and reported them out. They were small with not very good roots so I did your cup trick. Four out of six of the cupped ones lived and the two that did not have a cup (that had the biggest roots died. Now I guess it’s time to take the cups off but I worry that they will dry out…



I will do it tomorrow after work.



strong work @tonyOmahaz5 ! Heck we couldn’t even get some airlayers to root. Must be the extreme heat and/or the limey water we have here…


I used the 7 inches fresh green cuttings about the size of the small meat skewer. I scraped 2 inches on the bottom end of one side and dipped it in the power rooting hormone. I buried about 3 inches of the 7 inches cutting in Miracle Gro Moisture control potting mix. I then placed the plastic cup over it tightly to keep the humidity in. I water every 2 days just to keep the soil moist but not water log and placed the pot in partial shade.

June 5th, 2018










Thanks Tony. I’m going to try it next year! I don’t know how well it will do in our heat. Will see…



Hello Tony.
Jujubes are extremely difficult to get roots on a cutting, they will come out with lots of leaf from the stored energy from the wood, check to see if they have any roots and don’t move them too early, they will show a good leaf growth well before the roots have formed.
Good luck with this method, I have tried many different ways to propagate Jujubes and find hardwood cuttings placed on a hotbed, under top mist the most successful.
Cheers Mate


same here, have never tried greenstems, but had luck with honey jar hardwood cuttings by growing them in misty conditions(ghetto ziploc bags) :grin:

hj does not seem to like growing on its own feet, pushing sparse growth(above and below ground), and died after ~two years of hardly getting by. Have to say though that the attempt was half-hearted, and the sample size of just two stems was of negligible significance, so hopefully some one else will be more successful


Here is Shanxi Li. Plenty of roots. Go ahead and propagate friends.




it sure looks promising and very encouraging @tonyOmahaz5 ! Thanks for sharing, and hope you continue posting on their progress


Sure Raf,. This was a great result. 5 for 5. I left 4 green leaves on each cutting at the start. I think the humidity, rooting hormone, and the shade help the rooting process. I may be the first to have most these varieties on their own root.i guess the time to root is about 2.5 months.



it may sound ignorant/unknowing of me about others who managed to root cuttings(not airlayers) in US of A, but confidently certain you are right about being the first.

jujus on their own roots are extremely valuable, especially if as vigorous and productive as those grafted to younger rootstock(recently seed-grown rootstock).

grafting fruit trees is additional cost due to labor and materials, which is main reason behind raising the price of conventional fruit tree specimens, but any juju aficionado would gladly pay double the amount for a choice cultivar growing on its own roots.

one instance when both the seller and buyer are super happy with the transaction!


Which varieties did you try? Was tigertooth among them? I take it from the instructions you started in early June. Just wanted to verify. I built a mister and tried to start mulberry green cuttings this year with no success. I used Persian and black beauty. I put it in the shade and had it mist for 10 seconds every 10 minutes.

It does not surprise me that you had success. I’ve started most of mine from root cuttings and digging up sprouts. Often, I’ll get multiple shoots. Part way through the summer, if I have multiple shoots, I’ll try to split it into multiple trees. These got no special care, just split and put back in 1 gal rootbuilder pots and watered as needed along with my other potted trees on my deck. I’ve been very surprised that some shoots have had very little root and survived. I guess they already had the right root cells under the soil but all the root fibers were gone. They likely regenerated roots from those existing root cells.

Yours probably needed the special care because they needed the time for the initial root cells to form.

I will definitely try your method next season. If it works for me, I’ll use it to get other varieties on their own roots like you!


Li, Shanxi Li, Autumn Beauty, Orange Beauty, and Honey Jar. Jack, just water enough to keep the Miracle Gro moisture control potting mix moist do the plastic cups formed water droplets in side the cups. In addition, the pots were on my cement patio so that would give the pots some extra heat.



Well done Tony, what time of the year did you start the cutting? and how long has this plant been growing?
I have been doing Chico with hardwood cuttings haven’t tried other varieties


I took the green cuttings in June 5th 2018. These are 5 years old trees. These trees leafed out around May 1st so the green woods have been growing for about 4 to 5 weeks in the Spring. Good luck on propagating your Chico jujube.