Jujube green cuttings rooting success

Keep us updated when there is more news on the cuttings.

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Any new updates on these? I’ve just planted mine the same way and am awaiting results. Thanks for the great post.

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An update. So I originally had these in some generic potting mix soil and just inside clear bins outside and nothing was happening for almost a month. I recently moved 11 of them into their own pots and with plastic cups over the top and on cinder blocks and in Miracle Gro Moisture control potting mix. I moved one into a pot with plastic cup on top and onto a heating pad in the kitchen window (changed out the soil to miracle grow as well). The one in the kitchen tonight started sprouting leaves after about 5 days. I’ll check the outdoor ones tomorrow. I’ve been watering them all every other day to keep them moist as well. I am optimistic at this point, and believe the potting mix / heat underneath / cup combo is possibly the magic formula. Thanks again to Tony for this post. I’ll keep this updated.


Great, All my rooted jujubes from last year are growing fine. I just transplanted from the pots to their permanent location a few weeks ago. Btw, if they roots for you then just make sure you overwinter them in a cold storage for the first season just for insurance. If I did not stored them in my Tornado shelter this past Winter with the -20F then they would be gone.


An update. These are hardwood Shanxi Li cuttings. Nothing was happening outside so I ended up moving all 12 inside onto a heating mat and running a $30 square led grow light over the top of them 18 hours a day in a western facing window. So far 4 of the 12 are growing leaves and I believe a few more may be soon. I honestly don’t know if they are rooting yet but i’ll just let them grow as many leaves as possible before moving them. I did some cherry cuttings outside in a plastic bin and they grew leaves then died without putting out any roots so hopefully these will fare better. Goji have been easiest so far and have a high rooting rate. No luck yet with mulberry cuttings yet, maybe they just take longer.


Any update? Would love to give a try…

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I would like to do this this year also. I was sad to hear Tony say that honey jar does not do as good on its own roots as i would like to put them on there own roots in case of winter kill.

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I got some hardwood and some semi hardwood cuttings from a friend’s friend. Don’t know which variety but fruits are totally yummy.

I planted the some cuttings in peatmoss and some in coco choir and put the pots outside in March.

Good news is that, after couple of months, now most of them have leaves. But I don’t think they have roots. Any suggestions? Should I move them to shade or move them inside especially that it will start getting hot outdoors soon.


I did another batch of Honey Jar 2nd year green vertical wood cuttings to root with rooting hormones for the new house next Spring.


Plus the rest of the new jujube grafts from May looking great.

More Honey Jar on own root from three years ago now with plenty of suckers clone.

Here is the Honey Jar green cutting that rooted 3 years ago.


Follow up - I got impatient after waiting 8 months and carefully pulled out most of the cuttings to check if there is any root. Almost all had rotted away. But one of them had calluses and couple of green shoots coming out of those calluses (buried under soil). I put it back into the pot immediately and now am hoping that I didn’t kill it. Questions:

  • Can roots be green and shooting upwards under/in the soil?
  • Did I most likely damage it for good?
  • Calluses are a good sign from what I have read. Is that correct?
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To y
How can you tell when they develop roots?
How long will it take?
Also, with several cuttings in one pot, isn’t it challenging to separate them once they have roots?

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The instructions how to do it and timing is at the beginning of this thread. But usually it takes about 2 months. I tried not to leave to much leaf on the green cutting so that doesn’t stress it out. When the cutting begins new shoot in two months or so then that is a good sign of roots formation. The miracle gro moisture control potting mix is easily falling apart to separate them.



I’m taking some cuttings today. Should still be enough time.

@tonyOmahaz5, thanks for this thread, I might do that with Honey Jar and GA-866.

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