Chelan sweet cherry zone 3?

I decided to add some sweet cherries this year despite being in z4b. Ive searched all the threads about people growing sweet cherries in zone 4 and haven’t found any mention of people trying chelan. Starks list it as zone 3, which is probably a stretch, still though I would expect this to be the most hardy of them all? Normally kristin is touted as the most cold hardy in all these older threads on sweet cherries, with several others being not quite as much. Anyways, I planted a mislabeled sour cherry 4 years ago that is actually a sweet cherry and still doing very well so I’ll be adding one of these on top of several others.


Not sure how a cherry developed in Washington state gets a zone 3 rating, but I’ll be interested to hear how it does. I see other nurseries listing it as zone 5, that’d be closer to actual hardiness I’d guess.

I am in Zone 4, and I wouldn’t waste money on it. Sooner or later a colder than average winter will do it in.

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True, I wonder how a place like Starks assigns their hardiness rating? Fast growing trees has it as z3 also and one other i cant recall right now, but also saw the ones having it as z5 which is what most sweet cherries seem to be.

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Probably. Kind of the attitude I’ve had in my 10 years of growing fruit. I did go to an apple orchard an hour away this last fall, not really a microclimate or anything with 2 -20ft stella cherry trees that looked very healthy and he claimed to get cherries from them. They had to be 10 plus years old. It was enough to bite the bullet on top of my one doing so well so far.