Circle letter avatars dropping

Some of the avatars (some of the circular letters kind of avatar) are not loading. Apparently it’s a longstanding bug which seems to always fix itself. I am going to rebuild the site this weekend also to upgrade the software, hopefully that will fix it.


I’ve noticed that but blamed it on my computer!!!

We can live without them just fine


Noticed today for the first time………………………

Seems to work in Kindle Silk, but not Firefox (Win 8.1) or Chrome (Win 8.1).

My plan is to rebuild later tonight… I’ll post a banner message 10 minutes or so before it goes down. It will take about 20 minutes to rebuild, assuming there are no glitches.

OK I did a rebuild and update. … it looks like all the avatars are now working (?) Please follow up here if you see any glitches.

The update changed the way several things look. There are also some more options on how the site can look which can be configured.


Things look good, thank you Scott.

I thought it was my computer as well, lol.

Thans for all your work to make and amintain this site.

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From my iPad, I can’t see the Fruit Growing and General Gardening categories. They are not on the list!!!

Hmm, they are there on my iPad now. Maybe something old is in your cache.

I found an odd glitch on my MacBook - when I click on my face it doesn’t show the description I wrote in my profile. But I see everyone else’s and I also see mine on my iPad… odd! My guess is this is all caching issues.

I’m using a desk top right now. Same thing happens. No show of my two frequently used categories. The first one show up is Politics!!! and all others but no General Fruit Growing and General Gardening :disappointed:

We are not tech savvy. My iPad is old. My desk top is old. Their users are old, too :smile:

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Hmm, looking in your preferences a bunch of categories are marked as “muted”. I also had the “using fruit” listed there myself. It seems to be a bug in the update :frowning: Its easy to fix, just go in and remove them from there, but it’s annoying. I just checked several other people and none of them had any muted categories… I bet some people do though.

Site looks great! And everything seems to be working fine, with the possible exception of the login not showing up until you click on a post, and maybe that’s better.

I like how it shows which thread you are in on top of the page. At least that’s how it looks on the iPhone. I use the site only on the phone.

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Yes! LOVE the banner at the top that lists the thread…so many times I can’t remember where I am…and not just on this forum!!!