Citrus picking again

It’s cold and rainy at home, so we came down to get our first load, so we can get a head start on using it.
First stop has five juice orange trees, and a pink grapefruit. Four barrels filled already.


Nice loaded trees. Where are these located?

Sun City Arizona, west of Phoenix.

We have been picking some trees for years, for the fruit.

Last year we also ended up picking in a few HOA’s that paid us some. But man, it was a lot of picking. Maybe 35 thousand pounds.

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That’s a lot of fruit!
I’m starting to pick my oranges here as well with our backyard tree :sun_with_face:

Jolene what do you do with all that fruit?
I’ve never been to a pick your own citrus farm. Would like to.

Last year we fed a lot to our sheep and mules, gave it away to neighbors, family and friends, juiced a bunch and canned the juice, and ate them for many months.
This is not you pick, they are just people we met somehow, and then others who heard about us…and people who stopped to ask us if we wanted more trees to pick. It has really grown over the years.

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